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by redsh
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Mar 17 2007
interesting ideas

they will probably not go into version 0.5 as the deadline for new features is close and i have still plenty of them to implement.

but maybe this will go into the 0.6 version. - Jun 22 2007
unfortunately ksudoku was almost dead for almost whole 2006.

this was one of the reasons why i joined its development. - May 06 2007
Tasty Menu

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by mart
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Dec 13 2007
I have used Tasty Menu for a while and now I report briefly what I think that could be improved.

I seldom use the main menu (most apps I need are in the same submenu or primarily called with Atl+f2 or similar) but the main menu eats most of the space.

The submenus are sometimes real pain to use. I have to scroll over 4 screens to reach the last entries in the submenu. Entries of the sub menu are between the subsubmenus. The subsubmenus can not be collapsed (nor the menus with the plus sign at left). I think they should be collapsed at default (or configurable).

In my opinion the combo box over the left menu is not the best choice since it's not clear at first look what lists are available. Although they are very powerfull they are seldom used.

Thats all for now. I'm no usability expert so I might have the wrong opinion. But I like the idea of having a real alternative to the new SUSE menu which is easier to use but has other disadvantages. - Sep 08 2006
Why is the button for Tasty Menu not just a button?

It might be easier to move it with the bar on its left, but it makes it much difficultier to hit the button. - Aug 17 2006
I think a field with the size of that button would be too small. Beside of that the Run Command dialog has additional options which would miss if the field is directly integrated. - Aug 04 2006