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Sep 29 2017

thanks for the seamless update to 2.0.0

if you hide the track-number column the list no longer jumps to the current track (found that out randomly after the update because the column was no longer hidden)

reason for hide it is that most tracks here don't have a tracknumber in the metadata - Jan 29 2016
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
this has *nothing* to to with patience

FF updates are *always* security updates too
so force users stay on outdated FF versions is a security problem and not acceptable this times

software with internet relevance has to be maintained or no existence authority - May 21 2013
done - there is no place for badly maintained software on my machines especially in cases where a fix would take 20 seconds and the upstream developer does not care - May 15 2013
> Every time Mozilla releases a new version
> that breaks Oxygen theme compatibility

Mozilla breaks *nothing*

in most cases the only needed change was the compatibility info of the theme and the only reason why it was not broken by the last FF updates wa sthat the info was raised for 3 releases in the future without take care that this is not endless

a *maintained* piece of software looks other than have betas and known bugs over months, sometimes peak about "in a fw days" and two months later nothing happened at all - May 15 2013
the is aöways *blabla coming soon* or *blabla coming in a few days* but *nothing* happens and beta versions are untouched over months - the mozilla release schedule is very clear and 99 out of 100 extensions have solved all their problems after FF4 - why this one not? - May 15 2013
> If you don't like this clutter-free layout
> then why on earth are you commenting here
> on the page for a theme that brings it to Linux?

what the hell are you speaking about?

this page / theme brings KFDE OXYGEN to firefox
not mroe and not less
and this has NOTHING to do with the bullshit theme from - Feb 10 2013
BTW: mozilla and usability *laugh*

oh yeah - let us hide the menubar because nobody needs it, some days ago it was really hard to lead one of the "normal users" to the settings because the missing menubar - all these usability studies are useless crap end ending in crap like GNOME3/Unity/Metro to finally spit power users in tehir face and as often proven makes it hard for the to help beginners because most powerusers are configuring their apllications as all the years before if it is possible somehow - Feb 10 2013
seems so....

however - the goal of this theme is to let FF behave as much as possible like a KDE-APPLICATION to provide a unique look AND feel for kde-users and NOT behave like whatever else - Feb 10 2013
with 1.366x768, 1440x900 or higher
even my smartphone has 1280x720

on modern hardware only idiots using a single program in fullscreen becasue the high resolution is for have more than one windows and not to stay like 1998 - Feb 09 2013
in times of 23" and 27" screens who does maximize windows at all? - Feb 09 2013
it would be really useful to push a simple update which raises compatibility to not force users to hack around by themself

don't get me wrong but it should not take long than 30 seconds - Jan 19 2013
i such cases i am happy to lose :-)
thank you!

- Sep 14 2012
i fear we will see FF16 before the theme is updated
- Sep 13 2012
the current version is NOT compatible with FF15
read previous comments! - Sep 10 2012
because the update is a single line and it doe snot nedd hundret developers to hange it, it is done within a cigarette break - Sep 04 2012
it should be a complaint because there is no excuse for endusers to deal with the outdated compat-infos while the extension/theme is proven to be compatible

this is a ONLE-LINE update what could have been doen some weeks ago - Sep 03 2012
what about FF15 compatibility?

the release cycles are crystal clear, alpha/betas available months before GA releases and only very very few addons are incompatible after updates the last 4-5 releases - Sep 01 2012
hm you said 3.2 is ready but you wait for a windows.tester, the linux package is hardly needed because this is kde's home and i can find no download link for test-version... - Jun 27 2011

Plasma 4 Widgets 19 comments

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Apr 28 2011
"> file" writes nothing to it, it makes the file empty and the plasmaoid will show the old content forever

i think "tail -f" is not really relieable and should be replaced with "tail -n", this would not be a problem if the mount-point is even temorary not available - Jul 15 2011

really a nice tool but it needs some improvements

after "> file" to reset it will no longer refresh in the current session and should be cleared too

some years ago i solved this by using "tail -n 10" to get the latest 10 lines and call this in a fixed interval

if file does not exist at session start (remote mount points - would also be solved by using "tail -n lines" in a fixed interval with supressing errors - Jul 13 2011

KDE 1.-4. Improvements 223 comments

by ipv4
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Aug 16 2004
can anybody sort out what happens if kolldock works on installations which are some months old and with a clone of the userhome on a new machine not?


I love this tool very much and have no idea what happens here :-( - Feb 22 2009
Crystal Monitor

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Jun 08 2010
Thank you!

Think it will work
The Speed fot eth0 will not displayed after logout/login

Can´t make a real test now because my stoopid wlan at home dont like me since yesterday, i will see it on monday at office :-) - Apr 20 2007
Is it possible to detect the used interface or set it manually somewhere?

Most time i use WLAN and this is eth1 not eth0 - So downstream/upstream does not work :-( - Apr 20 2007