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AppMenu QML 1.6 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Jul 31 2013
I recommend to first learn plain Qt Quick at Then you can learn Plasma QML at and It is also recommended to read other people's code. You can find QML plasmoids at,, You can also read the code of all my other plasmoids (available under "Other contents"); each .plasmoid file is a zip-file containing the plasmoid's code. Jul 31 2013
I made the minimum size of the plasmoid larger in version 1.6. If Plasma works as I expect, then this problem should now be solved. Jul 31 2013
Indeed, currently there is no solution for this problem. There is also no patch yet at Maybe you can submit a patch there ;-) Feb 19 2013
There is an option in version 1.5 to search more thoroughly for empty submenus (I say "more thoroughly" because by default empty submenus are already searched for, but the search is quite simplistic so it doesn't catch all empty submenus). Now all empty submenus should be hidden (if they are not, then this is a bug). The option is off by default (so you have to activate it in the configuration dialog) because it leads to a slower startup of the plasmoid and IMHO the Plasma Desktop starts up already much too slowly. Feb 19 2013
This is a consequence of the following bug: Feb 12 2013
It will be available in version 1.5. Feb 12 2013
This is a known bug. Unfortunately, what is not known is a clean and fast solution for this bug. The only solution I can think of is to load all submenus (recursively in the case that the submenu contains no application entries, this would require to test for all entries whether they are a submenu or an application entry) and test whether the submenu is empty. This would also load the non-empty submenus which is a slow operation. I will see what I can do for the next version, but I expect that solving this bug will lead to a much slower startup of the plasmoid. Feb 06 2013
Please try version 1.4. The file plasmapackage:/code/search.js has been removed because the search has got a completely new implementation. Feb 06 2013
This is very strange. On my machine it works perfectly and I deduce from the comments of others that on theirs it works too. Could you run the command:
Quote:plasmoidviewer -f horizontal ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/appmenu-qml/
(.kde could be .kde4 on your machine) in a Konsole and see if there are any errors? Note that, unlike Kickoff and Lancelot, the search in this plasmoid only searches for entries in the menu, so the other possibilities of KRunner are not available. Feb 05 2013
I implemented already a few versions ago that each time the menu pops up the search textbox should be focused. However this plasmoid is a victim of the bug or or (or something like that) which exist already from the day that QML plasmoids were introduced.

Note however that if the popup is focused (i.e. you can browse the menu with the keys) then you can always start typing and what you type will be entered in the search box and the search box will then become focused. Conversely, when the search box is focused, you can still use the arrow keys to browse the menus. Feb 05 2013
The search is reimplemented in version 1.4. Note that there is a lag on the first search after each Plasma restart because the PlasmaCore.SortFilterModel must then be loaded. Feb 05 2013
I implemented already a few versions ago that each time the menu pops up the search textbox should be focused. However this plasmoid is a victim of the bug or or (or something like that) which exist already from the day that QML plasmoids were introduced.

Note however that if the popup is focused (i.e. you can browse the menu with the keys) then you can always start typing and what you type will be entered in the search box and the search box will then become focused. Conversely, when the search box is focused, you can still use the arrow keys to browse the menus. Jan 14 2013
Thanks! :-) Jan 14 2013
"Sleep" (suspend to RAM) and "Hibernate" (suspend to disk) will be available in the next version. Jan 14 2013
Sorry, this is not planned (at least not for the short term). It will make my code much more complicated with no real benefit (as far as I can currently see). If you can make a patch that does not invade the existing code too much (i.e. keep the code for this submenu as separate from the main code as possible), then I might consider it for inclusion. Jan 14 2013
Yes, by installing the new version without removing it from the panel. Of course the plasmoid will then only work correctly after restarting Plasma. I didn't test "Get Hot New Stuff", but the following certainly works: you download the plasmoid, open a konsole and execute the following 4 commands consecutively:
Quote:plasmapkg -r appmenu-qml
plasmapkg -i plasma-applet-appmenu-qml-1.3.plasmoid
kquitapp plasma-desktop
(where you replace the name of the .plasmoid file by the actual name of the downloaded file). You do all this without ever removing the plasmoid from the panel.

This situation is the same for every plasmoid. For C++ plasmoids it is technically possible to implement persistent settings which survive removal and re-addition of the plasmoid (but IIRC this is not recommended), for QML plasmoids like this one it is simply impossible to implement this. Oct 19 2012
Implemented in version 1.2. Hope you like it :-) Sep 27 2012
You must have been using a very old version then. I thought you were criticizing the last version. I know that the current implementation isn't great either, but from the current implementation it is clear that some effort has been done to work around the speed problem, so when I read your criticism I thought that you were disregarding the already done effort and that's why I became harsh. Sep 27 2012
Well, thank you, my friend, for telling me that the search function takes too long, I really hadn't noticed that myself!!! This bug is so non-obvious that only thorough testing reveals it. I wonder who has mentioned that bug in the TODO file included inside the plasmoid, I thought it was me, but as you correctly observed, I am unable to see that bug myself. Maybe next time you can try to submit bug reports about unknown bugs. Be happy that the interface is not blocking during those 10s that you have to wait (that was the best I could get out of the limited Plasma QML), so if you type fast enough, the firefox launcher will appear quicker than 10s. Luckily, you are a far better programmer than I am, so I am expecting the patch solving this bug in my mailbox soon.

The favorites area can be hidden since version 0.7.3 (that is more than 5 versions ago). The possibility to hide the "Leave" buttons will be added when I have forgotten that I am a lousy programmer.

Ah, now I notice the title of your friendly post. Since you have paid me 0€ to develop this plasmoid, you have no right to tell me what to do. I release new versions whenever I feel the need to do it and I solve bugs whenever I feel the need to do it (and when I am capable to do it) and I implement the features that I am interested in. You should be happy to have the possibility to use any version for free. As you may have noticed in the 7 previous pages of comments, when a user is nice to me, I am happy to solve his bugs and I do everything that is in my possibilities to implement his feature requests (even if I do not need them myself). Unfortunately, there are some limitations in QML and Plasma QML which inhibit me from implementing everything I want. Aug 29 2012
Unfortunately, Plasma QML doesn't provide any means to programmatically open or close a plasmoid, neither in the plasmoid's code itself, nor from the command line :( Aug 29 2012
The "Leave" buttons are reimplemented using the standard Plasma components. So now they should follow the Plasma colors. The favorites management buttons can now be hidden using the "Lock favorites" item in the context menu of the plasmoid (right-click the plasmoid to obtain this menu). Aug 29 2012
Sorry, but Plasma QML doesn't seem to provide popup closing API, so it is impossible to implement this :( Aug 29 2012
If you add the plasmoid to a panel or to the desktop using the GUI and in that GUI hover the icon of the plasmoid, then you will see my email address. It is also in the README_TRANSLATIONS.txt file that I told you to read. It is also in README, metadata.desktop, the .js file, the French .po file and most .qml files. The command "grep -r @ ." also helps. Jul 06 2012
If you have modifications to the plasmoid, you can send the modified plasmoid by email to me, then I will merge the modifications myself. If I see that you contribute regularly, then I will setup a git repository somewhere, but currently I do not see the need for that. It would be nice if you could provide the Spanish and Portuguese translations, please read the file README_TRANSLATIONS.txt which is included in the plasmoid file (which is actually a zip-file with extension .plasmoid). Jul 05 2012
No need to read 6 pages of comments for this, reading the comments on the current page is sufficient to see the answer to this question. Jun 06 2012
Not sure what you mean here. If you mean that there should be a page with "Home", "Trash", ... like in Kickoff, then that is not going to happen. The purpose of this plasmoid is not to have a Kickoff clone, but to have a simple, usable application launcher. You can always add Dolphin to the Favorites, then you will have easy access to your home directory. Jun 06 2012
This has been discussed again and again in the comments. IIRC this is the fourth time that I have to answer this question. So go reading the previous comments.

Non-broken themes include (but are not necessarily limited to) air, glassified, produkt. Jun 04 2012
You can also add and remove favorites with the mouse. Move the mouse cursor to the right side of the menu item. If the item is not yet in the favorites, an "Add favorite" icon will appear. Clicking on it adds the item to the favorites. If the item is already in the favorites (this also holds for any item in the Favorites menu itself), a "Remove favorite" icon will appear (in the Favorites menu also a "Move favorite up" and "Move favorite down" icon appear if there is more than one favorite). Clicking it removes the item from the Favorites list.

In any distro that doesn't mess with KDE (such as Arch Linux) the menu itself is focused when you open it, so you are also able to use the +, = and - keys. You can see that the menu is focused when the search field is focused. If, when you open the menu, the search field is not focused, then focus it by clicking in it. Then you will be able to use the keys to browse the menus, add and remove favorites. Also don't forget to submit a bug report to your distro that the popups of the plasmoids should receive focus each time they are shown. May 20 2012
The source code of this plasmoid can be found after installation in ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/appmenu-qml (instead of .kde this can be .kde4 on your system). Alternatively, you can simply download and unzip the .plasmoid file (in an empty directory if you want to keep your system clean). Lancelot and Kickoff are written in C++, so looking at their code does not help. May 03 2012
It does autoclose like Lancelot and Kickoff. Well, on my machine it does. There is a search, but it only searches the list of installed applications. The search in Lancelot and Kickoff uses KRunner and I have no idea how to use KRunner in a QML-only plasmoid. If you know how to do it, then please tell me, I will be very grateful. May 02 2012
The white text on white search field problem is discussed before on page 3 of this comments section. Basically, the solution is to find a plasma theme which defines a dark background for lineedits or to ask the developer of your theme to add such a background. Apr 24 2012
Thanks for your support!

In version 0.7.6 there is now an option to set the size of the icons on the buttons at the bottom. BTW, I am not a precise clicker either.

The submenu arrows are now taken from the plasma theme. They are defined in $KDEDIR/apps/desktoptheme/$YOUR_THEME/widget/arrows.svgz (where $KDEDIR is /usr/share/kde4/ or /usr/share or ~/.kde/share or ~/.kde4/share and where $YOUR_THEME is the name of the Plasma theme you are using). Apr 05 2012
PdfViewer (app + library) 0.7 Qt Stuff
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Sep 30 2012
"Is it ever going to be possible" sounds to me like "I am waiting for ages for this feature, so when is it finally going to be implemented?" A better phrasing would have been: "Are there any plans to implement persistent annotations?" or "Is it going to be possible in the future to have persistent annotations?"

If there is anything else wrong in my remark, I would be happy to learn it. Oct 03 2012
I don't like the tone of this question. Did you ever pay me for developing this software? Did you ever contribute a working, maintainable patch that doesn't break anything? No, you didn't. So accept the fact that I don't write the software for you, I write it for me. Be happy that you can use it without contributing anything. My free time is limited, so the features will take long to be implemented, unless you or someone else starts contributing. That's the whole point of open source software after all: the developer publishes the code so that others can contribute. Up to now that didn't happen, so tell me: why would I continue to publish this program on this site? Oct 03 2012
All your problems should be solved in version 0.6, except for the installation in lib64. Not all platforms have a lib64 directory (e.g. Ubuntu). You have to set the value of LIB_INSTALL_DIR to /usr/lib64 in the file lib/cmake/modules/PdfViewLibConfig.cmake (if you use cmake) or in lib/qmake/pdfviewlibconfig.pri (if you use qmake) before compiling. Jun 06 2012
The problem should be solved in version 0.6 (also when using cmake). Jun 06 2012
Try compiling using qmake. Alternatively add -lz to target_link_libraries in lib/src/CMakeLists.txt and be so kind to report if this works. Jun 05 2012
Try version 0.5. Jun 04 2012
Forgot to say that in the editor you should use the following command: pdfviewer "file:$$o#src:$$n $$t" (i.e. the same as for Okular but without the "--unique" flag). Apr 12 2012
The file pdfviewer_ru.ts should of course be translated by someone, maybe you? ;) You can take inspiration from qtpdfview_ru.ts which contains the translation of the original PDF viewer demo shipped with Poppler. Apr 12 2012
Try adding ru to TRANSLATIONS in version 0.4 and run "make ts" in the build directory. This should now produce a file "pdfviewer_ru.ts" in the translations directory. Apr 12 2012
Support for synctex is implemented in version 0.4. Apr 12 2012
Text selection is implemented in version 0.4. This was easier than I expected because of the awesomeness of Poppler. Apr 12 2012
LockKeysState QML 0.5 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Jul 05 2012
You mean that this plasmoid should show icons from e.g. /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/ instead of the texts "Num" and "Caps"? There are no icons yet in any theme that could be used for that. If such icons would exist, then it would be possible to add support for this in the plasmoid. But then I would need to know the filename of both icons and the elementId of the relevant svg paths in the svg file (for example: in device.svgz this is "device-notifier"; in battery.svgz these are "Battery", "Fill20", "Fill40", "Fill60", "Fill80" and "Fill100"), each svgz file should have an image for the "unlocked" state and an image for the "locked" state (similarly as there are different images in battery.svgz for the different states of the battery). Jul 04 2012
Added an option in version 0.4. Jul 04 2012
Plasma Panels Collection 1.9 Plasma 4 Widgets
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Jun 07 2012
You've definitely been working hard :) I will try some of these.

Where can I find the wallpaper in the first screenshot? May 03 2012
QuiteRSS 0.17.7 Web
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Apr 22 2015
You are so fast that I cannot follow with testing :) The "system" style is now perfect.

The translations are however not installed under linux, you should add the line "include(lang/lang.pri)" also in the "unix {}" section in and remove the duplicate TRANSLATIONS line in it. Furthermore, translations.files should be defined as "release/target/lang/*.qm" (without the quotes) and you should add "translations.CONFIG += no_check_exist" (without the quotes). You should also create in RSSListing a translator qtTranslator_ in a similar way as you create translator_ and then add in RSSListing::appInstallTranslator() code like:

qtTranslator_->load(QString("qt_%1").arg(langFileName_), QLibraryInfo::location(QLibraryInfo::TranslationsPath));

This will make sure that the buttons in the "Add feed" dialog and other dialogs are translated as well.

For some unknown reason, "make install" wants to strip the desktop file, the sound file and all icons. This should not happen, but I have no clue why it happens. Apr 16 2012
I have another feature request: it would be nice if all the lineedits could have a clear button. See for an explanation and code of what I want. For the clear button icon, you can take the "edit-clear-locationbar-rtl.png" icon from Oxygen (you can probably find it in /usr/share/icons/default.kde4/22x22/actions, depending on where your distro installs the Oxygen icons). Apr 12 2012
Nice work! You are great for implementing so fast this feature. I have some remarks though:
- when I use my color scheme which is darker than usual, there is an ugly white border around #feedsTreeView_ and #newsView_, so I propose to remove in system.qss the background-color for these two items;
- I see no use for "QToolBar { border-style: none }";
- the background-color of both #toolBarNull and #pushButtonNull should be set to "palette(window)" (without the quotes) instead of "#f0f0f0" and "#e0e0e0";
- the arrows for QHeaderView::down-arrow and QHeaderView::up-arrow are green which does not fit well with my color scheme, on the other hand removing this code from system.qss results in the fact that the arrow of the last column is hidden behind the button which shows a submenu for selecting the visible columns;
- the background color of #contentLabel_ does not fit well with my color scheme, so I propose to remove that part too. Apr 12 2012
You are fast in implementing these features :) Thanks! I tried version 0.8.6 and it works great! Apr 05 2012