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A vector-pixel Chocobo running on your desktop.

This is just another test python plasmoid, but maybe someone will like it :)

Download it and install it via:
plasmapkg -i bchocobo-0.1.zip


9 years ago

Ahahahahah this is funny!
Ok, performance is much much better this time around, I'd say it has very little cost (if any) in terms of system performance.

I don't know if you have any plans on developing this, but if you do, it needs some settings (like speed control... boy this little thing is FAST! XD ) and some good way to close it, I had to struggle and juggle with my trackpad to stop the chocobo, I clicked on it with the left button and kept it pressed to make it stop running, then i simultaneously clicked with the right button and I've been able to close the plasmoid via a context menu... but that's a little bit tricky!
I don't know, you could make the chocobo stop running if i click on it, and then making in run again with another click... that way you have time to make the plasmoid control little bar and effectively use it without chasing this little yellow tornado all around the screen :P

By the way, you must totally do a RoadRunner / Wyle &. Coyote version of this :D


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