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Enma Ai standing on your desktop with her special kimono

This is just a test python plasmoid, but maybe someone will like it :)

Download it and install it via:
plasmapkg -i


8 years ago

good job
I edit the svg files (easy as you use layer) and I put the head of my wife :-)



8 years ago

I like it :) and my laptop seems capable of supporting it without slowing down. Nice plasmoid ;)



8 years ago

I've been waiting on someone to start doing this (anime/manga stylings) with native KDE plasmoids. While I understand this is only a test and an inactive plasmoid to boot, there's potential here for some rather neat Rainmeter-esque native plasmoids that would decorate a desktop without the necessities of wine and Rainmeter.

Even without a plasmoid showing information, there are shimejis and other likewise things to consider. For an added example, see: the bkodama plasmoid. At the very least, I'm hopeful your post is a starting point for some other plasmoid interests. :)

Thanks for the test! I may work with this myself at some point.



8 years ago

bkodama is from ibuscher, just like benma! ;)

I don't know if it depends on the bigger dimension of this plasmoid, but while I can let bkodama live peacefully on my desktop, wandering, appearing and disappearing alla around without any significant loss in system performance, as i loaded benma my system began to CRAWL... I even had a difficult time in shutting benma down.

I'm on a Dell Mini 1012 (so not exactly a ultrapower machine) but such a persisten slowdown is unusual nevertheless.

Anyway keep up with these, I love them ;)




8 years ago

Yes, sadly the performance is the worst, and currently I am not sure how to improve it :(


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