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Boxxy Thin Black

This is an emerald window decorator theme, based off of beryl(?), and uses Oxygen 0.1. No rounded corners. Thin titlebar. Black frame. No shadows. No gradients. 10px titlebar height. 1px left and right frame sides. 2px bottom frame height.

This theme uses Emerald window decorator / Oxygen 0.1

For compiz

This theme does not include desktop wallpaper, you can instead get that art of mine HERE:

I don't like the rounded corners of all these other themes, personally. Plus, all the other themes have ginormous title bars, and that takes up a lot of screen real estate!

This theme aims for the most simplistic, thinnest, undecorated theme available. Very frustrating trying to find a theme worth downloading. Now one exists! Enjoy!
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8 years ago

There are no changes, this is the 1.0

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8 years ago

There are no changes, this is the 1.0

product-maker osogato Sep 28 2015 9 excellent
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Beryl and Emerald are theme decorators used under Compiz to provide window themes.

Themes can also be used with KDE Plasma via Smaragd: