Starship, a QtCurve style


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Starship was inspired by the computer with the floating virtual display on Destiny Starship from the Stargate Universe TV series.

This KDE Style goes with my "Starship Color Scheme" here on

1. Download qtcurve from your repository.
2. Download "Starship, a QtCurve Style" from this page and extract this file to it's own folder.
3. Go to KDE System Settings/Application Appearance/Style and click on the [WIDGET STYLE BAR] then select "QtCurve" from the list and click on the [CONFIGURE] button then click on the [IMPORT] button.
4. Browse to the folder you extracted it to and select "Starship.qtcurve". Click the [OK] button then click the [APPLY] button.
5. Go to KDE System Settings/Workspace Appearance/Window Decorations and select the one called "QtCurve" then click the [APPLY] Button.
6. Go to KDE System Settings/Workspace Appearance/Desktop Theme and click the [GET NEW THEMES] button and search for "Oxygen-Genesis". Then click the [INSTALL] button and the [CLOSE] button. Then select "Oxygen-Genesis" and click the [APPLY] button.
7. Go to KDE System Settings/Application Appearance/Colors and click the [GET NEW SCHEMES] button and search for "Starship". Click the [INSTALL] button and click the [CLOSE] button. Then select "Starship" and click the [APPLY] button to complete the theme. It won't look right without it!
8. Go to KDE System Settings/Application Appearance/GTK+ Appearance [WIDGET STYLE:] droplist and select QtCurve then click the [APPLY] button to apply this theme to your GTK apps too.
Please vote if you like it . Thank you!


6 years ago

I like dark themes, but the ones I tried were kind of 'incomplete'. Some apps and some mails did not show up correctly (always some color of text is 'invisible'). This one works great (just little problems with some color text in some html mails, but workable around).
Thank you a lot !


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A theming and window decoration engine for unifying Qt and GTK-based applications look.