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Back with another new theme after finally getting my new OS built. Unfortunately still do not have Gnome 3.10.

Red Black and Blue comes from a mistake I made while updating an earlier theme I created. From that mistake it actually appears has some decent looks. Anyway as time goes on will do my best to bring the best looking themes I can create, since new OS is cooperating fully!

Is built on the same format as Black Beauty III which means a major reduction in file size, in fact file size is smaller than the pictures uploaded to show its looks! Quite amazing are the workings of the theme as loads faster helping decreased time booting to the desktop on larger desktops such as Gnome.

As seen in picture 3 looks decent in LXDE and if I was able to upload more pictures you would see the same in XFCE. Also for window theme style in Cinnamon looks good. Anyway, hope you enjoy this theme. As always look at the pictures before you download. Do not like Do not download. Keep poor comments to yourself.

My main interest is bringing looks and function to themes. If there is any problem please let me know ASAP. I will then do my best to correct it! SPAM IS NEVER TOLERATED
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