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This theme is derived from Nissl-Adwaita-Dark4. Originally, I did this rendition as Nissl-Remix. This is the 2nd version which is much more refined. Another huge factor in my interest in creating themes is the original theme have just mentioned! Turned out once Gnome 3.8 came in, it no longer functioned correctly. The theme was written very brilliantly and how I hope, this one can only accentuate its original beauty.

The only thing I ever wished for the original was to have the change of text coloring so it could add to its beauty. Now I have found a little bit of shading, transparency and imagery can also enhance it to create what I will call a new "Twist" to it! My greatest hope is as the original theme has inspired me so greatly to become better at theme creation, this in turn will inspire someone and will go on to create their own style also.

I continually say originality is what makes a theme. Sure some nicer themes are just meant to be upgraded and need to remain, while others have just lived too long!!! So the concept was simply to add some new looks and originality. I just hope I have captured the look people will enjoy! Nice changes as most of my themes of present have with the light effect on scrolling and knowing active windows just helps to make this theme a great addition to anyone that enjoys something different. As always look before you download as I would prefer you get it when you like it! As usual thanks for NO SPAM so it keeps the line open for those that maybe experiencing any problems. I simply want you to enjoy the theme and if problems arise will fix it immediately!
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