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17 years ago

with Spiral Man. Good concept, I like it a lot. BUT you really need to use a lossless format, those sharp edges and clear text lead to horrible artifacts when you use a lossy compression like JPEG. If there's a problem with PNG (you should always use this format rather than GIF unless there's a good reason) being too big to upload, then do as others here do and upload a JPEG, but give a link to your web site where you've uploaded the original PNG image.

Great idea though! :)


Spiral Man

17 years ago

i like the idea a lot, but i have two minor problems. first, i think there is too much text. usually advertisements have just a little bit of text, so people can pick up on it faster, like :"KDE 3, Coming Soon!" or something like that.

second, dont use jpegs, they look like crap, especially when there are hard edges involved like text, or the border of the star area. use a lossless format, like png...

it may not sound like it, but i actually like this a lot


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