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This wallpaper is the example of my novice creativity and its designed for desktop and laptop.It has 3D like look.This times I used two world leading software to make this wallpaper,it was made from Open Source software GIMP and Photoshop CS4.

Most of the Work by Gimp Only cloud effects Done by Photoshop


10 years ago

Perhaps there is some subtle difference in this from the previous half dozen. But I can't find it.
Others have complained that pasting a Gnome logo on some existing photograph represents insufficient artistic skill.
This (and all it predecessors save one) represent even less. A quick GIMP adjustment in the "Colorize" or "Color Balance" menu choice results in, we are to suppose, more "beauty".
The first was nice. But please, no more.

On a more constructive note:
Please consider convolutions, texturizing, optical effects like flares, or layering transparencies. Or even start with a different base image. I would be glad to help anyone understand how to do any of these things.

"Deceitful are the kisses of an enemy. But faithful are the wounds of a friend."




10 years ago

another nice work.

Best Regards,


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