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1.Image to your left is the Wallpaper with a desktop look.

2.Image to yourleft is the Background look only.

3. Image to your left is with the Splash Screen if you wish to add it up to your background and booting process here is the link to get the Splash Screen also:

I always want it to serve all Linux Systems but there is no way with so many.

I did this wallpaper with that in mind. I could not put all Linux OS but I added up the words "many more... In the image on the right lower area there is a sign which says samurai Warrior. The reason I wrote the word samurai because to me Linux is a samurai. Linux has come to what it is today and did it, like a samurai would do through the effort of people together, so the world can use a total free outstanding OS.

This effort is real, strong, united with honor and on top of everything with Love through sacrificing hours of work for others, with nothing requesting in return. Great Thing!

Excuse my writing English here please.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for vote.

Best Wishes!


11 years ago

i like the idea to put many distros in one wallpaper.




11 years ago

Thanks. You have nice themes yourself, well done work from your part.

Best Regards,


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