Theater of Love and Pain

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Posted a few months ago on gnome-look, I decided to post here with some modifications.
And these changes are : I replaced the original red rose by a hand holding a rose, and I also added a little spider on the hand and a floral design touch And finally I removed a little bit of gloss on the curtains and the mask.
I hope you enjoy.
Thanks for viewing and downloading.

The description is the same :

Life is a huge drama and I wanted to represent in this symbolic image the pain of a lost love, and also the destruction of the ego.
The dark curtain is for the blindly
The bloody rose for the broken heart
The mechanical eye for the illusion of the surperficial life
The spiders to our unconscious fears
And finally the mask of false personality of the ego


7 years ago

Oh men this composition with the backgrounds of thoughts of the artist is top notch work.


Best Regards,




7 years ago

Thanks again champ !
I am very glad that you like it :) I only made ​​some small modifications from my original wall.
Have a nice day.


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