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13 years ago

i like it.

are you using conky? if so where can i get your config





13 years ago

my config
# set to yes if you want Conky to be forked in the background
background yes

cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 2

out_to_console no

# Use Xft?
use_xft yes

# Xft font when Xft is enabled
xftfont Monospace:size=9

# Create own window instead of drawing to desktop.
own_window yes
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_colour navyblue
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_type normal

# Text alpha when using Xft
xftalpha 0.8

wm_class_name Conky

# mail spool
#mail_spool $MAIL

# Update interval in seconds
update_interval 1

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
double_buffer yes

# Minimum size of text area
minimum_size 330 10
maximum_width 330

# Draw shades?
draw_shades yes

# Draw outlines?
draw_outline no

# Draw borders around text
draw_borders no

# Stippled borders?
stippled_borders 2

# border margins
#border_margin 4

# border width
border_width 1

# Default colors and also border colors
default_color green
default_shade_color black
default_outline_color white

# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
#minimum_size 10 10
gap_x 25
gap_y 15
#alignment top_left
alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
#alignment bottom_right

# Gap between borders of screen and text

# Add spaces to keep things from moving about? This only affects certain objects.
use_spacer yes

# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
no_buffers yes

# set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase
uppercase no

# drawn 1 pixel border around graphs or not
draw_graph_borders no

# Allow for the creation of at least this number of port monitors (if 0 or not set, default is 16)
#min_port_monitors 8

# Allow each port monitor to track at least this many connections (if 0 or not set, default is 256)
#min_port_monitor_connections 64

# none, xmms, bmp, audacious, infopipe (default is none)
#xmms_player none

$color $alignc$sysname $kernel on $machine
$color $alignc${exec whoami} @ $nodename
${color lightgrey}$stippled_hr
${color #0077ff}Date: $color ${time %A, %d, %B}
${color #0077ff}Time: $color ${time %k:%M:%S}${alignr}${color #0077ff}Uptime: $color $uptime
${color lightgrey}$stippled_hr
${color #0077ff}CPU Usage:$color ${cpu}% ${alignr}${color #0077ff}Procs:$color $processes ${color #0077ff}Running:$color $running_processes ${color #0077ff}
${color #0077ff}${cpubar}
${color black}${cpugraph 0 32, 350 104E8B 4daaf8}
${color #0077ff}RAM Usage: $color $mem/$memmax - $memperc% ${color #0077ff}$membar
${color #0077ff}Swap Usage:$color $swap/$swapmax - $swapperc% ${color #0077ff}${swapbar}

${color #0077ff}DOM.RU - ${if_existing /home/serg/.conky/status/}${color #AEFF00}[eth1]$else${color red}[eth1]$endif ${alignr}${color #0077ff}IP: ${color #AEFF00}${addr eth1}
${color #0077ff}Download:$color ${downspeed eth1}kb/s${color #0077ff} ${offset 62}Upload:$color ${upspeed eth1}kb/s
${color #0077ff}Traffic: $color ${totaldown eth1} $color ${totalup eth1}
${color black}${downspeedgraph eth1 32,150 104E8B 4daaf8} $alignr${color black}${upspeedgraph eth1 32,150 104E8B 4daaf8}
${color #0077ff}File systems: HDD usage: ${color black}${diskiograph 8,80 104E8B 4daaf8}
${color #0077ff}/ $color${fs_used /}/${fs_size /}${alignr}${color #0077ff}${fs_bar 5,120 /}
${color #0077ff}Windows $color${fs_used /media/hdb1}/${fs_size /media/hdb1}${alignr}${color #0077ff}${fs_bar 5,120 /media/hdb1}

${color #0077ff}Top Processes:
${color #0077ff}Name PID CPU % MEM %
$color ${top name 1} ${top pid 1} ${top cpu 1} ${top mem 1}
$color ${top name 2} ${top pid 2} ${top cpu 2} ${top mem 2}
$color ${top name 3} ${top pid 3} ${top cpu 3} ${top mem 3}
${color #0077ff}Mem usage
$color ${top_mem name 1} ${top_mem pid 1} ${top_mem cpu 1} ${top_mem mem 1}
$color ${top_mem name 2} ${top_mem pid 2} ${top_mem cpu 2} ${top_mem mem 2}
$color ${top_mem name 3} ${top_mem pid 3} ${top_mem cpu 3} ${top_mem mem 3}

${color #0077ff}Local Weather:
${color #0077ff}${execi 900 /home/serg/.conky/ RSXX0175}

${color #66ff00}
${color #66ff00}${execi 300 /home/serg/.conky/ 5 1}



13 years ago

very nice.

i don't know where to put this configuration file? can you please tell me how to make conky look like yours. i have conky running but have the default look on my desktop. cheers!




13 years ago

put this into /home/username/.conkyrc


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