Next window and next/previos window

KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Next window (just green line) at the top right
Next /previous window. (green/red line) at the top right.

When mouse goes over green line,
creates same effect as alt + tab and release.

When mouse goes over red line,
creates same effect as alt + shift + tab and release.

With customisable size length(s) and coulor(s).

Something like this, but with line all over the top was on Amiga computers.
You could click on line and drag window (down). :)

This is a mock-up.


13 years ago

Yeah, it's a good idea, there's always a need to find a faster way to switch applications (a-la alt+tab) with the mouse... perhaps adding next/prev buttons on the title bar for KDE?



13 years ago

It's an interesting idea, but I'm worried about the usability. Those targets are awful small even if they are on the screen edge. Here's an idea that might work slightly better. Make these actual titlebar buttons. The user could place them at the left and right respectively to easily hit them by swinging the mouse into the corners.


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