A CLI config tool.

It supports reading and writing of config entries.

Features beyond kread/writeconfig:
- regular expression matching
- key/group deletion
- regexp based (mass) replacement
- regexp based entry listing

a) kconfupdates:
Whenever you\'ve got legacy settings and you need to update them you end up either writing a cpp blackbox (to the user) or a complex (\'bash\' != \'sh\' ...) and slow script for it (latter sometimes not even being possible - original reason to write this ;-)

b) user assistance:
it is much simpler to ask a user to \"kreadconfig --file kwinrc --group Compositing --key MaxFPS\" than to explain the clickchain through the config GUI.
If you need more than one key, regexp driven maybe grouplisting can be very convenient.

c) key deletion:
right now the tool of choice for that is called \"kwrite\" ...

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