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As I understood this section is also there for making suggestions. Since I am not a coder I want to make suggestion for a new KDE-pseudo-printer. It should have the basic functionality of the windows tool Fineprint,
which means to collect prints from different print sources and allows to rearrange the pages, delete singe pages and some things more.

I already made this as a wish-report
but the developers don't have time for this. So thought may be this report here could attract a developer who finds this very useful.


16 years ago

Sorry, but that is not true. I have looked into it, had also (see report linked in the description) some discussions with the Kprinter developers. It is a lot of work to mix in prints from the browser (you would have to create first a PDF, then load it in to the Kprinter-dialoge). But then, it would be still not possible to rearrange or delete single pages. I use this for presentations and research. It is just a useful feature, I miss. The developers said it would need an extra virtual printer. Since they have no time and I am not able to code, I thought I would be helpful for KDE and me that I start to search for others who also find this usefull and are able to code.
And this is not whining about a missing windows feature, since it is not within the standard of windows. There is just a good solution already existing. Unfortuneatly for Windows (which I am happy that I abandoned it more then a year ago), but does this mean, I shouldn't mention it, just because it is for Windows?



15 years ago

you are abolutly right!
Fineprint (in Windows) is unbeatable. It would realy be a great thing to have it under Linux.....



16 years ago

1) If you take a closer look at the kprinter dialog, you'll find that some (most?) of the features you ask for are already there, or easy done in the "filters" section, using standard tools.

2) I guess one of the most successfull way to get your feature request *not* fulfilled is to say "I want these or that windows feature in KDE. And I want it the way it's done in windows."


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