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An alternative front-end for KRunner.

QuickSand represents matches to a query as a scrolling line of icons. A completion box of matches is also shown when the matches first arrive. The list can be scrolled using the up and down arrow keys when the completion box is shown or the left and right arrow keys.

Displaying the interface of QuickSand is currently bound to the Alt+Space global shortcut. You can quit QuickSand by pressing Ctrl+Q while QuickSand is focused.

To obtain a different look, changing the Plasma theme will also change the appearance of the interface if the theme provides the necessary SVG files.

1) Extract tarball
2) $ cmake .
3) $ make
4) # make install

This is a stripped-down version of the app in my blog built specifically for KDE 4.1.x. I didn't have the time to test this branch much so I make no guarantees about application stability in KDE 4.1.x.
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9 years ago

Add license files to the tarball.


5 years ago

Hi, this plasmoid is somehow like Quicksilver, GNOME Do, Synapse and alike?



8 years ago

I'm using quicksand provided with kde 4.2.2 (ubuntu 9.04 rc)...
I have two simple questions:
1) How can I set the background transparency of the window as shown in your screen shot?

2) What do I have to type in order to perform quick calculation with the "calculator" plug-in?




9 years ago

This is very nice application launcher (or alternative front-end for KRunner.) . Thank you !!

It seems to work without problems in the Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex (rc)



9 years ago

Hi! This looks good, I'll soon try it out.

Just something about the shortcut: I think "ALT+Space" is a too worthy shortcut for something that sits around permanently. For example we use it in KDevelop for Navigation(Much more frequently accessed functionality than starting an app). Why don't you just use the same standard shortcut KRunner uses, ALT+F2?




9 years ago

Well, the application doesn't actually replace KRunner in 4.1. It's just another application that supports the same plugins and behaves otherwise identically to KRunner. So that means, that binding to Alt+F2 would require the user to change the shortcut for KRunner.

Alt+Space is also a historical shortcut. It was inherited from the Cmd+Space shortcut of Quicksilver which was passed on as Alt+Space to Katapult and now QuickSand. You can always change the shortcut to something like Meta+Space though :)


9 years ago

Add license files to the tarball.

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