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WorKflow -- Automates the Desktop

First off, WARNING: This ist pre-alpha software, which can be used to destroy your personal data. Do not use it with original files. Do *NEVER* run it as root.

This software allows to automate time-consuming tasks across the KDE desktop. This is accomplished by breaking down tasks into single steps, called commands. Each command can take input data from the previous command and can output data to the next command, while optionally providing a user-interface to let the user customize its parameters (see screenshots).

Currently, not a lot of commands are implemented. However, several tasks can be automated already. Examples are:

- Get Images, Scale them down, Rotate them selectively and Move them to a certain place (even some online resource, like an FTP server).
- Select a folder, Find all files inside the folder ending in ~ and Delete them.
- Select a folder, Find all files ending in .txt, Read the files and Count the number of lines.

It is also possible to remote-control KDE applications. There is already an addon-package with commands to control the Kate editor, as well as a Kate-plugin to integrate the WorKflow application ( Please let me know which other KDE applications you want to see automated.

In future versions, I plan to provide many more commands. However, I'd like to get feedback on what your day-to-day workflows on your KDE desktop are, that you would like to see automated. This way, most needed commands will be provided first.

I'd also love to get feedback on the application itself, and, if you're a developer, on the API provided by the WorKflow libraries.


14 years ago

Get Hot New Stuff is your friend there ;) Since this is all scriptey and doesn't require compiling, that'll work just nicely :)




14 years ago

GHNS is planned, although that could take a while.



14 years ago

I _really_ like this idea! Def. a good vote from me. When this app is more stable it will become extremely useful imho. Keep up the good work!


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