Hugor is a Hugo Runner, meaning a program in which you can load and play adventure games created with Kent Tessman’s Hugo authoring system:

Hugor supports all graphics, sound and music formats of the Hugo engine. Video, however, is not (yet?) supported. It runs on all current major operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows).

Games that can be played in Hugor can be found at:


Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive


4 years ago

- Fullscreen mode is now supported. The maximum width of game output when
in fullscreen is configurable (useful for widescreen displays.) Switching
to fullscreen and back can be done through the "View" menu, or by a
platform-specific keyboard shortcut:

KDE: F11 or Shift+Ctrl+F
Gnome: Ctrl+F11
Mac OS X: Ctrl+Command+F
Windows: F11 or Alt+Enter or Alt+Return

- External tools that rely on real-time transcript updates (like Trizbort)
should now work correctly.

- The mouse cursor is now hidden when typing and brought back when moving the

- Memory usage when playing music has been reduced. Previously, the whole
music file was mapped into memory as it was playing, increasing memory usage
over time during playback. Now the music is streamed as needed and memory
usage stays constant over time.

- When the "Mute Sound in Background" option was enabled, the sound would
sometimes stay muted during very quick window focus changes (this can happen
when launching Hugor through external scripts.) This has (hopefully) been

- Games that make use of MATCH_FOREGROUND for input would get a wrong color
during text input. This has been fixed.

- The game window now has a context menu. It simply provides quick access to
the various main menu entries.

- The scrollback window can now also be closed by clicking on its banner

- Margins and their colors would sometimes display incorrectly after the
scrollback window was displayed. This has been fixed.

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