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Compile this source code and solve ANY 3x3 grid sudoku puzzle out there.

The program has no limits in terms of puzzle difficulty,even one number in a random square will generate a valid solution.

Important - for instantaneous solution reduce the number under Bruteforce button to 0!

1.Manually enter numbers anyway you like,as long as they comply with SUDOKU rules.

2.Click on scan,to load the numbers into the program.

3.Click Bruteforce.The program will fill in the missing numbers.

Optionally,you could increase the number under the Bruteforce button to anything over 10 (milliseconds),in this way witnessing the algorithym testing possible solutions.Warning : this will take ages,as the program tests again and again...

Clicking Clear cleares the grid.
Clicking Restore restores the grid to the last Scan.Usefull for when you wish to remove the automatically generated numbers.

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