A simple music quiz game for GNU/Linux.

The game plays short pieces of music files from the player's chosen folders, and presents a question and several answers about the current song. The fastest the answer, the more points the player receives.
Up to 8 people can play, in a turn-based mode.

In normal mode, the player is presented with a question and 4 buttons to answer.
A small clip from one of the music files is played, and the player has a few seconds
to answer by clicking the correct button, or pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 (or Z/X/C/V, 7/8/9/0, U/I/O/P) in the keyboard.

In the highest difficulty level, instead of having the buttons, the player must
type the answer. Symbols like "!", "-", "." etc are filtered out, and it's not
case sensitive, so it's a little easier to answer correctly.

It is important that the music files are correctly tagged.

The game is quite complete already, but there are a few more options to be added, and some rough edges to polish.

The screenshots are dark due to my system's color configuration, but the game will use the user's color config.

Auralquiz uses Phonon for sound output. The VLC backend is recommended. Gstreamer-backend works mostly fine. YMMV depending on Phonon version, etc.

If you use MP3 files, make sure your selected backend can play the MP3 format.
Check the README file for details.

You can see an old screencast of Auralquiz v0.7 running under KDE Plasma, here: []

Feedback is, of course, welcome :)

The logo is based on one of the Oxygen Icons from, which are licensed under LGPL.

Auralquiz binaries are available in the repositories of Mageia, Debian and Ubuntu, among others.

There are also older packages for some other distributions:


v0.9.0 8 months ago

- Support for Qt 5.
- Added Galician translation, thanks to Miguel Anxo Bouzada.
- Answering with the keyboard now can be done using the following keys:
1/2/3/4, Z/X/C/V, 7/8/9/0 and U/I/O/P.
- Total number of players is indicated while playing.
- Progress window is always shown while analyzing music.
- Music analysis can be cancelled.
- "Easier/Harder" labels are now clickable buttons.
- Confirmation requested before ending a game.
- Default system "Music Location" will not be used if it's the same as Home.
- Some visual fixes in ranking.
- Debug messages are optional now (run with --debug).
- Fixes for lower resolution screens.
- Fixed error where sometimes playing would try to go beyond the end of a song and not produce any sound.
- Fixed a few problems with the GStreamer backend.
- Big code cleanup.
- Other minor fixes.

4 years ago

v0.8.1 - Bugfix release

- Fixed compilation for GCC 4.7
- Added French translation, thanks to ntome.
- Added Italian translation, thanks to Giovanni.


- Added Czech translation, thanks to Pavel Fric.
- Added manpage, thanks to Dean Evans.
- Better song shuffling.
- Show progress bar while analyzing music.
- Reworked ranking.
- Fixed bug with 4-button-mode and very long titles/artist names.
- Other small fixes.


- Translation files are included in the binary as resources and loaded correctly.
- Metadata analysis is faster, performed using TagLib, which is a new dependency.
- Sound control now relies on Phonon States, works better with all backends.
- Hardcore difficulty level now uses the "Type-the-answer" mode.
- "Reload music" button, to use when there are new files or some have been moved/deleted.
- Several visual changes.

4 years ago


ITA works nice thx m8
rpms for mandriva updated


5 years ago


I've begun to port in mdv your quiz
Nice app thx


5 years ago


Hey, thanks for packaging it ;)


5 years ago


It creates dependency , can't stop playng :D
Thx to you for coding .



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