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QTrex game
QTrex is a puzzle based on the popular Tetris video game. However, instead of a well-shaped playing field the user has a circular one. The game is controlled via standard buttons.

Up Arrow - rotation of a shape
Down Arrow - speed up a shape fall
Left Arrow - move a shape clockwise
Right Arrow - move a shape anti-clockwise
Space - drop a shape

Key A - rotate the playing field clockwise
Key D - rotate the playing field anti-clockwise


8 years ago

i just tried your game. i really like the idea.
But the concentrical circles should get thinner going to the center of the game.

it looks like a tunnel, and if all tunnel elements have the same length, they must get smaller in the back, if you think in a perspective way. do you know what i mean?

as it is implemented now, you get the feeling, that the stones are accellerated while "falling" into the tunnel. this is due to the illusion, that the tunnel elements get longer, the more far away they are...


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