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This is an adapted, improved version of the popular javacave game (see:, written in QtRuby.

Instructions: download, chmod +x snake(gl).rb, run it.

Requirements are Qt3, Ruby, and the QtRuby bindings. Don't know which specific versions (I use the latest ones and those work); if someone has an older version it doesn't work with, notify me and I'll either fix it, or put a note here saying it won't work.

The only difference between the 'normal' and OpenGL version is the OpenGL version doesn't flicker (the code is 99% the same, it just uses a QGLWidget instead of a QWidget), and presumably requires you to have working OpenGL. Later on I might try and replace some of the intermediate pixmaps I draw to with QGLWidgets as well to see if it improves performance much.

special request: if someone plays around with the speed/accel values and manages to find the ones that most closely approximate the original game, please share them with me so that I can make them the defaults :).

thanks to: Trolltech for Qt, matz for Ruby, Richard Dale for the QtRuby bindings, various people on #kde-devel for variously helping me with various stuff, whoever originally came up with javacave for that
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15 years ago

1.0: initial release

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15 years ago

1.0: initial release

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