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Our projet is a chess plateform with game server, GTK gui, public AI and lots of libraries helping developpers such as referee, networklib, openningBook, pgnDisplay, pgnCompiler etc... . Our projet is a chess plateform with game server, gtkGUI, a private and public AI and a lot of libraries helping developpers We made a yearly AI chess tournament at epitech. more information at :

* Development Status: 4 - Beta - 5 - Production/Stable
* Environment: Console (Text Based) - Web Environment - Gnome
* Intended Audience: Developers - End Users/Desktop
* License: BSD License
* Natural Language: English - French
* Operating System: Windows - BSD - Linux
* Programming Language: C - C++ - PHP
* Promotion: 2007
* Topic: Education - Board Games

this is our end year studies, we are french student in Epitech { },
our school website is here :

any comment ?
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