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A simple GUI-driven application to solve and generate Sudoku puzzles through logical means. Sudoku Savant generates and solves standard Sudoku puzzles with anything from 3x3 to 5x6 or 6x5 grids, using the following strategies:

- Singletons
- Locked candidates
- Hidden and Naked subsets
- X-Wings, Swordfish and Jellyfish
- Both Simple and Multi-Colouring
- XY and XYZ Wings.

These strategies should be enough to provide a step by step solution for any Sudoku puzzle that you are likely to find in a newspaper or magazine, although Savant can also resort to "trial and error" if presented with something really pathologically nasty. (This will at least confirm that the puzzle's solution is unique.)

You may also parameterise or turn off the more advanced strategies, to see whether they were really needed.

Finally, Sudoku Savant lets you solve the puzzle by hand, providing hints, cell colouring, up to 4 pencil marks per cell, and the ability to high-light any incorrect moves. A partially completed puzzle can be saved in a simple text format so that you can continue solving it later.
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