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My laptop atm... and whoa... just to upload this image...

I want one of them new (not yet made) dual screen laptops (hopefully they're both touchscreen)... no more moving parts in the keyboard to get all dirty from food, smokes, etc... and watch a nifty animation as it morphs into the keyboard of whatever app I'm using (oops... is that a new feature?)... Until then...

My first ever screenshot upload... if I ever consider myself good enough for anything else... you'll receive my bits........ it could have easily have beeen Zelda, or Mario, or any other game that can be emulated... Whoa did I just have a million dollar idea and conceive of a system to deliver securely to client and sender a videogame system with a library of all games ever made on the system of your choosing until somewhere in the last generation of hardware... Nah... Just a Canadian drinkin' beer again...

"...It should always be there... From one generation to the next... Just as we left it...So say we all...", Dave Whyte

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