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An attempt to integrate Texmaker with Breeze, the default visual style in KDE Plasma 5.x.

I took as many original icons from "Breeze" as I could. Those who are not part of the official set, including the Texmaker icon, were made using Inkscape®. Therefore, all the icons that I didn't create are licensed under the LGPL.


You need to compile/re-compile Texmaker to apply this icon pack. If youre on Arch Linux, you can install it using the packages here provided or use the PKGBUILD in the Arch directory (source file). Just open a terminal at the right folder and run
makepkg -s

To compile the Dark variant to match the Breeze-Dark style, just change the line 26 of the PKGBUILD:
cp -f $srcdir/$pkgname-master/images/breeze/* $srcdir/$_pkgname-$pkgver/images/

To this:
cp -f $srcdir/$pkgname-master/images/breeze-dark/* $srcdir/$_pkgname-$pkgver/images/

(Yes, just add -dark after breeze)

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Version 0.1:

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