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Katalog application (http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Katalog?content=12426) packaged for debian-based systems.

There are no modifications to the katalog-0.4 source code. Functionality stays intact without any change. CMake build system is added and used by debian scripts to build the binaries.

Please note, I just provided cmake build system and debian packaging. If you find any application bugs, please post to the original application forum. If any problems appear during package installation or building using cmake, post to the forum below.

In the future, when I'll be more comfortable with debian packaging, I'm planning to submit the package for inclusion to debian repositories.

Take care and have a nice kataloging.
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11 years ago

[indent]* Build system ported to CMake.[/indent]
[indent]* Debian package scripts.[/indent]


11 years ago

Thank you very much. I am debian user and this new debian package is awesome. I never managed to install the original katalog version properly.

Still, I have a question. Katalog does not appear in my Konqueror's Services TAB. Is this a configuration problem? What should I do to manage this issue?

I know that the Katalog's catalogues location can be added to, for example, the Bookmarks TAB. But, lets say... The original is "the original" right? ;)

I would really appreciate your comments.
Thank you in advance. Regards.



11 years ago

thank you from katalog author :)

you have resolved a common problem of all debina/kubuntu users.

asap I'll include your modifications in the main source tree.




11 years ago

Yeap, you're welcome :-)

In sources, changelog mentions changes I have made (uhmm, beside debianization:). It would be great if all those make it into your sources.

BTW. does find work for you? for me not.


11 years ago

[indent]* Build system ported to CMake.[/indent]
[indent]* Debian package scripts.[/indent]

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