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Say Hello to PlexyDesk, A multi platform desktop manager to track time, tasks and your social life right from your Desktop.

The software is still in Alpha stage, but we are adding new features and API development fast. We are currently not making any binary releases of plexydesk since it's not feature complete.

We invite you to compile plexydesk, check out it's current features and also create theme mock ups.

As a community promise, we'll guarantee when plexydesk is complete we will make sure your desktop will be customizable to the last atom :).

Until we have stable release, come and join the fun, clone today!, and join Twitter/PlexyDesk or Facebook/PlexyDesk to keep unpo date with the new features we add daily.

Oh and We do have a website at ;) . and to have a chat over coffee, please visit and click on the chat button.
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