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-- version 0.10 --

What's new ?
- tray icon for keeping KwickDo always at hand, and clutter your Tray bar even more :)
- the Event list actually works, with Template detection and all. Event deletion does work too, Edit is on the way
- in a word, KwickDo starts to be usable.
NOTICE : the Tray Icon is something I picked totally at random, and should change as soon as I find a good one (if you are an Icon artist and like the app, feel free to send one :) )

To compile, you need Qt4, kdelibs4 and libkdepim4

Have fun !

This little app aims at easing the creation of new events/todo based on pre-recorded templates. For example if you generally set your meetings to start at 10:00, last 1 hour and have a reminder 15 minutes before it starts, you can create this as a template and quickly create a new Event by typing #meeting# Meet with Bob as your Event's name. The meeting will be created accordingly.
Note that it uses libkcal's iCal implementation so it should be compatible with any iCal compatible organizer (such as korganizer of course).

This is very Alpha version, with lots of things hard coded that should be configurable, and no internationalization (yet). It requires Qt4, KDE4 and libkdepim4 (+ headers).
I included the KDevelop files so it'll be easy for you to have everything running if you use KDevelop.

Have fun and feel free to send patches !



10 years ago

I just tried to download it for a test, it says "Not found". Anybody has this problem ? (It's my first app upload so maybe I missed something)




10 years ago

Ah seems OK now !


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