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ALSA MIDI Kommander is a DCOP interface exposing many ALSA Sequencer features for shell scripts, Kommander scripts, or KDE programs requiring MIDI Sequencer services. A few MIDI utilities have been developed with this tool, which can be used both as programming examples and as real work tools.

The main program, "kaseq" is a single executable, used as a DCOP service program. It runs as a daemon, allowing only a single running instance, and providing a system tray icon to give visual feedback for MIDI activity, and a way to control the program execution itself. It depends on KDE 3.x and the Qt library.


8 years ago

New in 0.3.1:

* Fixed a crash while using the program and ALSA was not loaded.

11 years ago


How cool is this? I'm just getting ALSA MIDI sequencing working on my notebook so I can run my keyboard and work with my Zoom recorder to compose and record. The first thing that comes up was made with Kommander! Thanks!



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