KGuitar aims to develop a free, full-featured guitarist helper program, focusing on tabulature editing and MIDI synthesizers support.


9 years ago

* Release 0.5.1

* A mostly major bug-fix release since the last time.

* Compatiblity fixes: added support for autoconf 2.61, automake
1.10, gcc 4.2. Removed last bits of qt2->qt3 transition
deprecations. Internal structures refactoring.

* Added zoom level (Ctrl Minus, Ctrl Plus), introducing multiple
bars per row, automatically tuning to available window width;

* Finally introduced new exception-based framework for converters
load/save. Makes converters much more bullet-proof and easier to
write and debug.

* Guitar Pro import undergone major rewrite. Now it properly loads
all gp4 files I have. Guitar Pro v3 and v5 formats are coming
next. Anyway, Guitar Pro loader is now much more helpful about
what errors it gets and less crash-prone. It detects and helps
debug problems it encounters.

* Lots of displaying, mouse and keyboard control, printing fixes
and prettifying. Track pane now has a header and it's synchronized
with track list. Melody editor now has trapezoid and shark fin

* New QMap-based API for song metainformation - stores not a fixed
number of fields, but key=value pairs.

* Misc things: project transitioned to Subversion.


8 years ago

make barfs with autoconf 2.62.



8 years ago

Hi can anyone have the fedora core 6 or later rpm for this application?
I tried install it using the commands discussed in the project page and it did no work.



9 years ago

Gentoo ebuild is here:;f=media-sound/kguitar/kguitar-0.5.1.ebuild;hb=HEAD



10 years ago


There's how to install KGuitar on FreeBSD :)

  • fetch and unpack kguitar.*.tbz2

  • install tse3 for MIDI support:
    # cd /usr/ports/audio/tse3 && make install clean

  • cd to kguitar-*

  • replace "../libtool" and "$(top_builddir)/libtool" with /usr/local/bin/libtool in admin/*.in and *.m4 files:
    # sed -i .orig -e "s/\.\.\/libtool/\/usr\/local\/bin\/libtool/g" -e "s/\$(top_builddir)\/libtool/\/usr\/local\/bin\/libtool/g" admin/*.in *.m4

  • configure:
    # ./configure --with-extra-includes=/usr/local/include --with-extra-libs=/usr/local/lib

  • make and install:
    # gmake install

Anybody want to make a port? :)



11 years ago



13 years ago

This looks like a program with nice potential, to my knowledge there are NO good gui-based tablature software in the linux community, this could be it. One big problem though, no one seems to care about it, I've tried to ask questions about it on the homepage but no one ever answered, neither do they upgrade the homepage or anything.

I hope someone else take over the project and make it more accessible for ordinary users, cause right now it looks good but doesn't work (slack91-kde.3.2.1) the net is filled with tablature and the most common types seems to be , guitar pro, and powertab files .. which are excluded for the linux community (as far as I know).

If I could program I would dedicate myself to create a good guitar tab app for linux, but unfortunately I can't program at all. ;)

If anyone know more about this or know another good linux software please let me know. (I've had it with trying to get stuff to work with wine).

Everybody have a good one and to the developers: please go on and pick up the pace so we can use it ... I've been watching this project for a year waiting for something to happend.. but hardly nothing and it still doesn't work..




13 years ago

good old atari "band in a box"?



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