KTTS - the KDE Text-to-Speech System

KTTS -- KDE Text-to-Speech -- is a subsystem within the KDE desktop for conversion of text to audible speech. KTTS is currently under development and aims to become the standard subsystem for all KDE applications to provide speech output.

User Features:

_ Speak any text from the KDE clipboard.

_ Speak any plain text file.

_ Speak all or any portion of a text file from Kate.

_ Speak all or any portion of an HTML page from Konqueror.

_ Use as the speech backend for KMouth, KSayIt. There are also plugins available elsewhere for Kopete and Amarok.

_ Speak KDE notifications (KNotify).

_ Long text is parsed into sentences. User may backup by sentence or paragraph, replay, pause, and stop playing.

_ Audio output via aRts or GStreamer (version 0.8.7 or later)

For more information and downloads, including Debian and SuSE binary packages, see the KTTS website at



12 years ago

Version 0.3.0 includes support for Russian and Italian Festival voices, new filtering capability permits you to substitute for mispoken works, translate XML, or automatically choose talker. This version is also translated for 27 languages.


7 years ago

When I try to add a talker to the list on the Text-to-Speech control module I get this error on the list:

"The name org.kde.kttsd was not provided by any .service files"

Anyone know a resolution?



7 years ago

I got the same message when kttsd was not running. Unfortunately, when ktts is running, the field is completely empty.



11 years ago

I have downloaded KTTSD-0.3.0 & when I try to install it and ./configure it I get the following messages:
The Epos program does not appear to be
installed on this system. The epos plugin will
be built, but you need to install epos before you
can use it. You can get it at
Debian users: apt-get install epos

The freetts.jar Java archive has not been found on
this system. The FreeTTS plugin will be built,
but you must install FreeTTS it before you can use it,
or if it already installed you must set the path to
it in the KDE Text-to-Speech Manager.
FreeTTS is available from freetts.sourceforge.net

Some of the tools needed to run Hadifix do not appear
to be installed on this system. (mbrola and txt2pho
were not found in the PATH or /etc/txt2pho was not
found). The Hadifix plugin will be built, but you need
to install the required tools before you can use it:

- mbrola was not found. You can get it from
- txt2pho was not found. You can get it from

Please read the KTTS Handbook for further information.
But I did install EPOS after seeing the above message. Even after installing EPOS I still get the above EPOS message.

How to tell KTTSD that I have installed
EPOS on my pc?

I am running Debian Sarge 3.1 & KDE 3.3.
Quick help will be greately appreciated.



12 years ago

Is their nay chance of integrating this at the component level so that all applications get TTS.



12 years ago

Qt4 will provide the GUI framework and KTTS will provide the TTS capability. Then we need a Screen Reader to tie it all together. Care to help out? If you're interested, suggest you begin by subscribing to the kde accessibility mailing list.




12 years ago

Usability's high on my agenda at the moment.

I'm looking at tracking how the user uses the UI with the possibility of getting the computer to 'guess' what the user is going to do next and present a cleaner UI to them.

e.g. i have spelling mistakes in this textarea, and when I next press the RMB in this text area I'll probably want to correct them.

Kind of a slightly more advanced
version of Microsoft's hiding menus.

This will be usefully in speech controlled User interfaces, and may be useful in spoken interfaces in determining if something should be read or not.



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