Audio Extractors/Converters music transcode

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3.0.1 1 year ago

-Fix: Destination mode "Source directory" creates filenames consisting only of the file extension
-Fix: All files "Failed" to convert when dragging a folder (Invalid URL)


9 years ago

Thanks, see for a bug-report and for a corresponding Ubuntu package.

Thanks... Dominik.



9 years ago

Thanks for the tool, overall it is very well done and allows to rip CDs very quickly.

However it seems soundkonverter does not close some of it's file handles. If I rip from Audio CDs, it leaves some file-handles open.

One effect of this seems to be that I cannot eject the CD using the button on the cd drive after ripping it, only typing "eject" on the commandline ejects the CD.

ls -al /proc/27757/fd
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 12 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 13 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 14 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 15 -> /dev/sr0
l-wx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 16 -> /dev/sr0
l-wx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 17 -> /dev/sr0

after opening the CD selection dialog:
ls -al /proc/27757/fd
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 12 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 13 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 14 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 15 -> /dev/sr0
l-wx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 16 -> /dev/sr0
l-wx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 17 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 18 -> /dev/sr0
lrwx------ 1 dstadler dstadler 64 2009-05-30 12:24 19 -> /dev/sr0

Thanks... Dominik.



9 years ago

I have produced a patch which fixes this problem, it ensures that file handles are closed early and removes a file handle leak and a memory leak related to QFile objects.

--- a/src/paranoia.cpp 2008-03-02 11:34:31.000000000 +0100
+++ b/src/paranoia.cpp 2009-05-30 12:47:39.000000000 +0200
@@ -103,8 +103,11 @@
char dev[4][4]={"","","",""};

f = new QFile( "/proc/sys/dev/cdrom/info" );
- if ( !f->open(IO_ReadOnly) )
+ if ( !f->open(IO_ReadOnly) ) {
+ f->close();
+ delete f;
return false;
+ }

QTextStream t( f );
while ( !t.eof() && !stop ) {
@@ -112,18 +115,25 @@
if ( s.contains("drive name:") )
stop = true;
- if ( !stop )
+ if ( !stop ) {
+ f->close();
+ delete f;
return false;
+ }

pos = s.find(":");
c = s.right( s.length()-pos-1 );
sscanf( c.latin1(), "%s %s %s %s", dev[0], dev[1], dev[2], dev[3] );

for ( i=0; i<4; i++ )
- if ( procCdrom( dev[i] ) )
+ if ( procCdrom( dev[i] ) ) {
+ f->close();
+ delete f;
return true;
+ }

+ delete f;
return false;

--- a/src/cdmanager.h 2008-03-02 11:34:32.000000000 +0100
+++ b/src/cdmanager.h 2009-05-30 16:25:21.000000000 +0200
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@
virtual ~CDDevice();

QString device;
- Paranoia* para;
+ //Paranoia* para;
QValueList<TagData*> tags;
TagData* discTags;
int trackCount;
--- a/src/cdmanager.cpp 2008-03-02 11:34:32.000000000 +0100
+++ b/src/cdmanager.cpp 2009-05-30 16:26:05.000000000 +0200
@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@

- para = new Paranoia();
+ Paranoia* para = new Paranoia();
for( i = 0; i < (int)s.count(); i++ ) {
if( init = para->init(s[i]) ) {
device = s[i];
@@ -103,9 +103,9 @@
else {
KMessageBox::information( 0, i18n("No audio CD found."), i18n("Warning") );
device = "";
- delete para;
- para = 0;
+ delete para;





9 years ago

thank you very much,

i have applied the patch and i'll release an update soon.

greetings Daniel



9 years ago

You can retrieve updated packages for soundkonverter at for Ubuntu 9.04 which include this patch.



9 years ago

Just discovered this great little gem through an article on ("Audio conversion tools for Linux") as I had to convert a bunch of files and though there must be an easier way than writing a Perl script or converting by hand, one by one... strange both ffmpeg, sox and mpeg123 don't accept patterns for batch conversion...

I only stumbled across a usability issue: When selecting a target directory and then selecting a pattern from the popup, the path gets cleared and conversion does not work (stops at 4%) - when changing the path to "same as source directory" it worked very fast (on a core i7 920) and without any problems.

And yes, a KDE4-port would be nice but it is surely some effort to port over to the new frameworks for sound processing et al. So no top priority but nice to have imho...



9 years ago

The problem goes beyond desktop integration. When converting a batch of flvs to mp3s, the filename starts as Unknown , the next file is Unknown , and it keeps incrementing by adding a .new to the filename until it runs out of files. There may be another problem, but I want to verify it before reporting it.

I suggest cautioning packagers to make it unavailable for KDE4.2.2 or later installations until you have a KDE4.2.2 version. The package I used was installed on Kubuntu 9.0.4 Jaunty with KDE4.2.2 .

On 3.5.10, it's a great program, I'm using it right now on my desktop. I look forward to seeing it working correctly on 4.2.2 .




9 years ago

this behaviour is perfectly normal. taglib can't read tags from flv files. you may prefer selecting "%f" instead of "%d - %n - %a - %t" or whatever at the output location. "%f" will be replaced by the input file name.
or select "source directory" as output.



9 years ago

When? I'm keeping qt3 only for this :(




9 years ago

sorry, but i'm busy.
so this will still take some time.



9 years ago

It would be great if the app asks before quit while there is a job running.




9 years ago

i'll have a look at this, i haven't implemented it yet because i don't want soundkonverter to block the logout. i haven't really looked at it but i hope to be able to implement a proper session managemant.



10 years ago

It looks like SoundKonverter can't understand cyrillic file names. I use UTF-8. Any help please?




9 years ago

hi, which version of soundkonverter are you using? an could you send me an example file name?



10 years ago

Greetings, great app, I use it all the time, etc.

The only thing that bothers me about this is that, when encoding (at least to flac), the replay gain tags are only written in track mode, not in album mode, even if all the tracks belong to the same album. I have to remove the tags and recalculate them using sounkonverter itself.

Is this a bug, something TODO, or is something too hard to code?





10 years ago

hi, that conflicts with the current file handling, so it is not very easy to implement. but it's on my todo list now.



10 years ago

I am current trying to migrate my music collection for .wma to .ogg to take advantage of ReplayGain (and switch to entirely free software). When I load my collection into SoundKonverter, it is only able to read some, but not all, of my wma tags. I find this very weird, as they were all tagged using the same program, and other programs are able to read all of the tags.

The songs for which the tags are unreadable would have to be retagged by hand after conversion. I have already done this once and am not willing to do so again (it took 30 hours).

The same tags are always unreadable (a reboot does not fix the problem), and I can't find a much of a pattern in which are readable. For some artists, all tags are readable, for others, some tags, and for yet others, no tags. (All Pink's song's tags are readable, but none of the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song's tags are readable).

Is there a known problem/limitation with reading wma tags? Does anyone know of a way to fix this?

Hope all this info wasn't too confusing, and thanks in advance,



10 years ago

The .3.8 version won't convert everything that I tell it to and will randomly and silently fail for about 1 song out of 100, and I can't get the .9 version installed because there is no .deb and the source fails with the make command. Anybody know if the .3.9 solves this problem?



10 years ago

The end of one of the logs of one of the failed files looks like this.
SK doesn't even seem to realize that it not being able to move a nonexisting file is a problem.

Output: Writing tags to '/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg'

Output: Analyzing files...

Gain | Peak | Scale | New Peak | Track
-7.33 dB | 37536 | 0.43 | 16142 | /tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg

Output: Couldn't rename '/tmp/kde-enb/vorbisgain.tmp' to '/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg': No such file or directory

Executing next step
Writing tags
Executing next step
Moving file
cp "/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg" "/home/enb/Music/New//Artist/Other/Collection 1/soundtest.ogg"
Output: cp:
Output: cannot stat `/tmp/kde-enb/soundkonverterkylHEa.ogg'
Output: : No such file or directory

File moved
Executing next step
Removing file from conversion list. Exit code 0
Finished logging




10 years ago

hm, strange. the "Couldn't rename" error comes from vorbisgain. i have no idea why that happens. i can only suggest to not apply replaygain tags while converting. use the replaygain tool to add replaygain to the converted files, this way the error will not interrupt the conversion.
and if you want you can file a bug report for vorbisgain and send them a file that doesn't work.



10 years ago

I haven't seen any missed songs when replay gain was off, but I haven't really tried that many. This only happens to less than 1 out of 100 songs.

One thing I have noticed though is another anomaly. When playing a few recently converted songs, there was what sounded like a drum beat at the very beginning of a few songs. When I tried reripping the songs using the same settings, the errant sound was still present, so the glitch is persistent. When trying other ripping software, such as gnome's soundconverter, it didn't show up. assuming that both programs would use the same encoder, oggenc, it seems weird that sound distortions would show up in a song ripped from one program but not the other.
Whatever turns out to be causing it, I restored the old mp3s from a backup and am probably going to try something else to convert them. I just wish gnome's soundconverter had the advanced configurability that SK has. It won't even allow custom bitrates.




4 years ago

I found this comment while trying to fix a recently reported bug. Turns out it's the same bug you reported. In case you are interested:



10 years ago

Wow, it is great that the previous AC posted that same message a dozen times...

It would be great if SK had the option to write an m3u as part of the conversion. It should include the ability for the user to specify the file name or naming method, path method, and whether or not to include extended information. This is a nice app. Thanks.




10 years ago

sounds good, i'll see if i can do that for the next version without bloating the interface.



10 years ago

I would like to use your program with a second external USB-connected CD drive.

When I try to access it (ie File/Add CD tracks) I only get a message/window "No audio CD found".

The external CD drive is recognised by linux and the tracks are shown, eg, in RhythmBox.

I do not seem to see anyway of configuring SoundKonvertor to recognise/access the external CD.

Is there a way of doing this?

Victor Warner

(Using Linux Mint 6 (ie Ubuntu 8.10, version of SoundKonverter 0.3.8)


3.0.1 1 year ago

-Fix: Destination mode "Source directory" creates filenames consisting only of the file extension
-Fix: All files "Failed" to convert when dragging a folder (Invalid URL)

13 years ago

new in 2.2.2:
-Change: Move Polish (Poland) translation to Polish
-Change: Move Swedish (Sweden) translation back to Swedish
-Change: Remove so-version for libsoundkonvertercore to satisfy obs lint

new in 2.2.1:
-Add: Dutch, Spanish (Argentina) and Polish (Poland) translations
-Change: Swedish translation moved to Swedish (Sweden)
-Change: Update translations

new in 2.2.0:
-Add: Decode webm audio stream
-Add: --file-list argument
-Change: Remove both APE and ID3 Replay Gain tags with mp3gain and aacgain
-Change: Disable "modify audio stream" option by default in mp3gain and aacgain
-Change: Don't write icedax info file
-Change: Set so-version for libsoundkonvertercore
-Fix: Don't require an output path when using a user defined profile as command line argument
-Fix: Don't crash when tags can't be read
-Fix: Error message when trying to write to a directory without permissions
-Fix: Store album artist information to file list files
-Fix: Some crashes
-Fix: Handle newer ffmpeg versions
-Fix: Don't wait with Replay Gain calculation for items with same album name but no Replay Gain conversion option set
-Fix: Don't convert all files at once if the conversion starts with copying files with the same input an output codec
-Fix: Infinite loop when waiting for album gain for a failed item

new 2.1.90 (2.2.0 rc1):
-Add: Detect (DRM)-encrypted wma and m4a files
-Add: Adjust gain for mp3 files
-Add: Option to copy files instead of re-encoding them if input and output codec are the same
-Change: Fall-back from album artist to artist in "meta data" naming mode if album artist is empty

Full changelog:

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