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This is a small&dirty bash script, that I have written for a frient, who wanted to some kind of audio and video notes about his studies. The script is fully written in bash and serves that purpose. Just start it: select if you want video.

Just place the entry.sh somewhere, say ~/.scripts/diary
then create a file called idfile with number 0 inside (echo 0 > idfile in cmd line)
The open up entry.sh and edit the DATA path. It should be a writable location where entries will be stored.

Once done, you may want to find out some dependencies. This script relies on arecord for audio recording, mencoder and transcode for video support... oggenc as well and beep for beeping :)
It also adds current date and entry number using speech sythesis automagically at the beginning and at the end of the entry. However, it is written to use cepstral\'s proprietary speech synthesis, so if you do not want that you may have a look at the contents and replace swift with espeak or something similar.
Once recorded the entry is stored in datapath/entry_id folder. If you want to do something weird with it, e.g. autoupload to youtube or whatever - have a look at store_entry subroutine.
Have fun.

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0.1 Initial version

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