Kaffeine Screenshot to Kopete Avatar
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Kaffeine Screenshot to Kopete Avatar:

With this small script you can automatically change your avatar in Kopete by the screenshot of your current movie playing in Kaffeine (Time to do this must be configured or by default).

Please note that only change your avatar, it does not display the name of movie what you are playing. The module of Kopete make this good.



How to install:

First you must Activate the Global Identity in Kopete. Also then deactivate the exportation of avatar's user.

Then decompress the tar.gz, you must see two files, one is the shortcut to launch Kaffeine with this script, the other is the script. (When you launch Kaffeine by the shortcut it takes one minute to take screenshot and send to Kopete).

The word of the end:
So for terminate don't hesitate to contact me for a bug or idea to ameliorate.

PS : Sorry for my poor English, I'm a lazy French student.
PS2 : You can't change default avatar easily, so please wait for next release :p (I will create a small GUI to configure easily).
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10 years ago

1.01B : Initial release - 20/12/2007
1.0B : Not released

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10 years ago

1.01B : Initial release - 20/12/2007
1.0B : Not released

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