XdTV ( xawdecode )
Video Software

XdTV is a software that allows you to watch TV. It interacts with AleVT for Teletext and Nxtvepg for NextView.
It uses the video4linux API. It can use deinterlacing filters and record video files with the ffmpeg, xvid, and divx codecs.


11 years ago

April 2005: new version 2.1.1 :

New switch to set the recording audio frequency (default=44100Hz) (thanks to Alain)

-rec_audiofreq freq

Improvement of the theme management (Nico & Pingus) :
add a theme switching button in the GUI. All themes installed are automatically detect. The current theme's name can be saved in the xdtvrc file.

new options -nopixmap and -theme (see the man page).

Internationalization (Nico & Pingus) :

new names for default libraries :

libxdtv-i18n-en, libxdtv-i18n-fr, libxdtv-i18n-ca, libxdtv-i18n-es.

improvement and update of the translations and manuals (Thanks to annonygmouse,David Cordero, Francisco Alcaraz and Rima).

add spanish aqua theme (Thanks to Rima)

new names for the aqua theme libraries : lib-theme-aqua-en, lib-theme-aqua-es, lib-theme-aqua-fr.

Improvement of the script xdtv_makedvd.sh script and new option audio_freq (Thanks to Alain)

All gentoo's ebuilds are added (Thanks to TGL)

11 years ago


Please, change the GUI !


11 years ago


Although the userinterface might need some improvement, this is a very good app from a functional point of view. Its complete, it can schedule, it can record, it has lots of usefull options. And, quite important, its works (mandrake 10.1 and mandrake 10.2) Please keep up the good work!


11 years ago


Will the gui use qt/kde ? the sliders are unusable and awful to the eyes.


11 years ago


So when are you guys rewritting this piece of nice backend-jewel in some other not-so crappy toolkit? sorry, but KDE can't make that bad guis even if you try hard ;))



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