As I bought a few years ago a DV digital video camera , due to my twins birth, it\\\'s pleasant to see them on the TV. But now I bought a home DVD/Divx player, and it would be more pleasant also to have all the movies from my video camera under a CD. Why ?
- For robustness (CD is stronger than tapes)
- For easy access to movie sequences (next/prev is easier than forward/rewind ...)
- for storage.

What I would like to do is to have also some information displayed while looking the movies (such as title of the movie, date and hour). So subtitles for all my movies would be great. But writing subtitles for all the sequences of the movie is a huge job....

For all these reasons, I started to work on conversion scripts in order to facilitate the job of subtitles writing, conversion, burning movies to CD. So I decided to work on this project, that I think may help some of us.

The project is hosted at :

Feedback , comments are welcome !

I see 5 parts for the tools :

1) Grab the DV movies on files
2) Generate subtitles automatically (title + date and hour)
3) Conversion process (for the moment only the xvid/mp3 format are supported)
4) Verification of the ouputs (before burning it could be useful)
5) Cd burning (and go on the DVD/Divx player ! )

The tools used by this project are (for each previous points) :

1) dvgrab :
2) Written/developed by me (perl language)
3) transcode
4) Written/developed by me (Basic language)
5) Linux commands (mkisoft)


11 years ago

Version 0.2.1

13/09/08 Corrected problem for long filenames for DIVX player
' 10/09/05 Corrected bug in SRT hour generation (H:M replaced by h:m)
' 07/09/05 Corrected mplayer process stop
' 07/09/05 Corrected crash (stack overflow) while converting to xvid
' 06/09/05 Corrected bug while grabing from camera
' 06/09/05 Added information during SRT generation
' 06/09/05 Corrected crash if no XVID file present while trying to play video

Version 0.2.0

29/08/05 Added GPL License
29/08/05 Added feature [ 1266339 ] Allows to edit SRT for each sequence
26/08/05 Corrected problem on ISO generation (wrong error message)
26/08/05 Corrected bug while playing a video to the end.
26/08/05 Added feature [ 1263975 ] Allows to load recent configuration files
25/08/05 Added Global control Menus instead of buttons
25/08/05 Program title displays now the project name

Version 0.1.13
23/08/05 Added version information in about tab
23/08/05 Fixed bug [ 1266560 ] probleme FOR unselect a sequence (added lock flag)
23/08/05 Fixed bug [ 1266550 ] Strange information on conversion textarea
22/08/05 Fixed bug [ 1266552 ] Verification tab list of movie bug
22/08/05 Fixed bug [ 1266541 ] Subtitle 2 is not generated

11 years ago


175 downloads, and I received no feedbacks for the moment :-(



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