riv - Ruby Image Viewer

A simple image viewer coded using ruby, Qt4 and KDE.

Riv tries to mimic kuickshow simple interface but with some improvements:

- easy digikam albums and tags accesibility. You can easily create a desktop icon for access to specific images from your digikam albums without open digikam.
- copy viewed image (duplicate) to a new windowm. You can mantain de original image an manipulate a copy.
- save current layout. You can prepare a layout of some of your images and later restore the layout. See the screenshot for a sample.
- window frameless mode.

Planning features:

- digikam tag tree support.
- layouts slideshow.
- installer (icon and file association).
- thumbnails viewer.
- preconfigured slideshows (images, time, position, zoom, rotation, etc...).
- configuration form.
- support of digikam 4 database format.

This is my first Ruby program and my first Qt program, so suggestions from ruby & qt programmers are welcome :).

Installation & configuration

ruby, rubygems, rubygem-sqlite3, ruby-kde4, or equivalent packages, are required. wget is required to download files from internet.

1) Copy riv to ~/bin
2) Edit file permissions and check "Is executable".
3) Optional, but really useful, is create a desktop icon to the program :).
4) If you try riv -h in console you can see:

Usage: riv [options] [URL]

Specific options:
-c, --cfg FILE Alternate configuration file (default '~/.kde4/share/config/rivrc').
-w, --write_cfg [FILE] Creates/overwrites a configuration file.
-f, --frameless Disable window frame.
-p, --print_cfg Prints program configuration.
-d, --digikam Shows first digikam imagen from current album/tag.
-r, --digikam_random Shows random digikam image from current album/tag.
-a, --digikam_album ALBUM Selects digikam album.
-t, --digikam_tag TAG Selects digikam tag.
-l, --layout [LAYOUT] Loads LAYOUT layout.

Common options:
-h, --help Show this message.
-v, --version Show version.

c -> copy viewed image to a new window.
f -> window frame toggle.
esc -> quit.
ctrl+d -> set digikam albums path.
ctrl+a -> select digikam album and shows an image from album.
ctrl+t -> select digikam tag and shows an image from tag.
d -> view first digikam image in current album/tag and sets secuencial mode.
r -> view random digikam image in current album/tag and sets random mode.
o -> restore zoom / best fit.
+ -> zoom +.
- -> zoom -.
ctrl+- -> rotate 90º left.
ctrl++ -> rotate 90º right.
space -> next image (mouse wheel down).
backspace -> previous image (mouse wheel up).
home -> first image.
end -> last image.
s -> save layout.
ctrl+s -> overwrite layout.
l -> load layout.
e -> erase layout
ctrl+e -> clear layout.
ctrl+w -> start/stop secuential slideshow.
ctrl+r -> start/stop random slideshow.
p -> pause/unpause slideshow.
F11 -> toggle fullscreen mode.

Use left button & mouse to move image, control + left button.& mouse to move the form.

Please, read file comments for more info and documentation updates.


8 years ago

----- 26/03/09 -----
version 0.8 - Dot-comma release:
- CHANGE: Caption form string format changed.
- CHANGE: If riv can't open file riv exists directly.
- BUG fixed: sometimes forms caption don't displays correctly.
- BUG fixed: sometimes wget download fails for malformed url.
- BUG fixed: riv hangs loading configuration file for a wrong float numbers conversion
- BUG fixed: layouts fails to load due changes converting float numbers

----- 13/08/08 -----
version 0.7 - internet release:
- Now internet protocols http://, https:// and ftp:// are supported. I try to use kio but I can't found examples of using kio from ruby bindings. Waiting for a better solution I use wget to download pictures.
- BUG fixed: pause button changes form caption even if riv is not in slideshow mode.

----- 10/08/08 -----
version 0.6 - slideshow release:
- layouts now are ordered by name.
- basic slideshow. Use Ctrl+w to start/stop secuential slideshow. Use Ctrl+r to start/stop random slideshow. Use "p" to pause/unpause slideshow.
- fullscreen mode (F11).
- secuencial and random digikam modes do not requery db unless necessary.
- riv now remembers the last image viewed.
- changed control + left key + mouse move to the more common alt key.
- code cleanups.
- BUG fixed: riv don't locate files with brackets in path due Dir.glob() limitation. I changed Dir.glob() for Dir.entries().

----- 29/07/08 -----
version 0.5 - layouts release:
- layouts. Use "s" key to save, "ctrl+s" to overwrite, "l" key to restore,
"e" key to delete saved layout and "ctrl+e" to clear current layout.
- recursive digikam subalbums/tags. Can be deactivated in configuration file.
- program displays now only first level digikam tags to avoid problems with tags tree. A solution will be available in a future release.
- various sql improvements and speedups.
- next/previous with skip x picture (Ctrl+Space and Ctrl+Backspace). X can be specified in configuration file.
- copy view works now.
- first steps to multilanguage.
- CHANGE: left click + mouse move the image, with control key the form is moved.
- BUG fixed: programs fails to locate initial image if directory is not
especified (for example, riv image.jpg). Workaround use "riv ./image.jpg".
- BUG fixed: copy view fails.
- BUG fixed: upper valid file extensions not recognized.
- BUG fixed: incorrect default configuration file location.

----- 25/07/08 -----
version 0.4 - a little improvement release:
- digikam album selection.
- digikam secuencial mode visualization.
- mouse feedback in time consuming operations.
- album & tag selection remembers last selection. added "clear selection" option.
- album & tag selection are case insensitive but only for 7 bits characters
due sqlite SQL limitation.
- parameter --write_cfg now accepts an optional FILE param.
- select file or directory to view.
- file open is the default operation if no operation is specified in command
- image rotation.
- code cleanups.
- more accurate magic windows decoration numbers. I don't found a better
solution :(.
- better error handling.
- BUG fixed: program hangs with paths and filenames with not 7 bits

----- 22/07/08 -----
version 0.3 - first public release:
- auto size improvement.
- initial digikam support. Random image from tag name. Tag selection.
- frameless mode.
- copy image. First try.
- adecuate config file path selection ~/.kde4/share/config/, ~/.kde/share/config/ or ~/.config/

----- 07/01/08 -----
version 0.2 - and might work for others release:
- mouse scroll.
- zoom.
- configuration file support.

----- 25/12/07 -----
version 0.1 - works for me release:

8 years ago


if i open a picture with riv, i had to delete the configfile rivrc to start riv again. otherwise i get the message:

/usr/bin/riv:1614:in `read': undefined method `to_f' for [0, 1]:Array (NoMethodError)
from /usr/bin/riv:2171


8 years ago


I found the problem. In a few days a will upload a new release.


8 years ago


thx ;-)


8 years ago




8 years ago


One screenshoot added with multiple instances of riv viewing the same picture.



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