SVG Icon Color Changer
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I saw a complaint in one of the forums that there were too many icon sets being made in blue.

Well, if that icon set is an SVG icon, your problems are solved- or will be, but right now, this program is a little touch and go, but I just banged it out tonight, and haven't really tested it.

At any rate, this program will take an SVG file and a new color (hex triplet without the "#" sign) and restructure the colors in that file around the one you provided. "recolor -h" will provide a usage description.

There are bugs. I know. Give it a shot- but backup your icon files that you're testing it on first.

Figure out why, if you run it enough times on the same file, it always results in giving every shape the same color.

Test it against an SVG with a gradient, which I haven't done yet.

Add globs, and add a switch that allows you to work against a directory at once.


13 years ago

Some Crystal SVG (Everaldo's) also lack contrast. This if probably more of a usability problem than the blue color.

You can fix the contrast of PNG files of these with The GIMP by using the "Levels" dialog. If an icon lacks "Value"s 1 - 127, you can proportionately darken all of the "Value"s 128-255 to fix the problem.

Your program could probably also do this with SVG files.


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