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Eric is a Python IDE written using PyQt5/4 and QScintilla2. It has integrated project management capabilities, it gives you an unlimited number of editors, an integrated Python shell, an integrated debugger, integrated interfaces to Mercurial and Subversion, integrated unittest and much more. It is extensible via an integrated plug-in system.

Eric is usable with both Python 3 and Python 2.
Last changelog:

Version 18.03 19 days ago

bug fixes

- added support for EditorConfig
- added VCS conflict markers to the types shown on the marker map


5 months ago

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Version 18.03 19 days ago

bug fixes

- added support for EditorConfig
- added VCS conflict markers to the types shown on the marker map

Version 18.02 1 month ago

bug fixes

- extended the session to store/retrieve the split views and the order of the editors (**Note**: The new session file format is not backward compatible and cannot be read by eric releases prior to 18.02)
- added basic support for Cython

- added a context menu entry to "Execute Selection In Console"

Web Browser (NG)
- added support for HTML5 "Desktop Video Capture" and "Desktop Audio and Video Capture" as of Qt 5.10.0/PyQt 5.10.0
- added the capability to pause/resume download (Qt 5.10.0/PyQt 5.10.0)
- added support for attributes introduced by Qt 5.9 and Qt 5.10

Version 18.01 2 months ago

bug fixes

Debugger / Breakpoint Viewer
- added the capability to remember the most recently used file names and conditions

- added an action to the view menu to clear all folds of the current editor
- added an entry to delete all change markers to the marker margin context menu

- If a project does not contain protobuf files, the old project file format (5.1) is generated to make the file backward compatible.

- added the pip interface plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the virtualenv/pyvenv interface plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the setup.py wizard plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the eric plug-in wizard plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the .desktop wizard plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the translator plug-in to the core plug-ins
- added the git plug-in to the core plug-ins

**Note**: These plug-ins should be deinstalled via the plug-in uninstallation dialog of eric before upgrading eric. A reconfiguration of these plug-ins may be neccessary.
- PluginToolPip
- PluginWizardVirtualenv

Version 17.12 3 months ago

bug fixes

- added support for Google protobuf protocol files

Code Documentation Viewer
- added possibility to show the type of the object info is shown for
- modified the top row and the search part in order to allow smaller sizes

Debugger / Variables Viewer
- introduced a configuration option to limit the variables shown by the variables viewers depending on their size (in order to avoid overload situations on low power or low memory machines)

- added a dark style (*.qss and Python lexers) provided by Giuseppe Corbelli

Third Party packages
- updated send2trash to version 1.4.2

**NOTE**: This release introduces a new project file format that will be rejected by previous releases. The new format is needed for the Google protobuf support.

Version 17.11.1 4 months ago

bug fixes for some serious issues

Version 17.11 4 months ago

bug fixes

- added capability to enter an interpreter in the Start... dialog

- added support for auto-completion lists being provided asynchronously
- added a viewer for source code documentation extracted by providers to be implemented by plug-ins (like rope and jedi)

Web Browser (old style)
- changed logic in order to put new downloads at the top of the list of downloads and added the download date and time to the shown info

Web Browser (NG)
- changed logic in order to put new downloads at the top of the list of downloads and added the download date and time to the shown info

Version 17.10 5 months ago

bug fixes

Web Browser (NG)
- added a downloader and installer/uninstaller dialog for spell check dictionaries

Version 17.09 6 months ago

bug fixes

- unified the Python2 and Python3 debugger interfaces

- extended the HTML exporter to convert Markdown and ReST files to HTML

Plugin Manager
- added a bar with counts for new/local updates/remote updates to the plug-in repository dialog

- added capability to configure the output format for the markdown and docutils (ReST) previewers

Web Browser (NG)
- added support for Google Safe Browsing

Third Party packages
- updated jasy to 1.5-beta5 (latest release available)

Version 17.08 7 months ago

- bug fixes

- Shell
-- added support for different history navigation styles (disabled, Linux, Windows)
-- improved shell history dialog

- Templates
-- added some new predefined template variables (time, path_name_rel, dir_name_rel)

- Web Browser (NG)
-- added support for sessions

Version 17.07 8 months ago

- bug fixes

- Background Services
-- added functionality to limit the number of processes used for background services

- Bug Reporting / Feature Request (Email)
-- added the capability to send these emails via Google Mail using OAuth2 authentication

- Configuration
-- made the colors of the diff dialogs configurable

- Third Party packages
-- updated chardet to 3.0.4

Version 17.06 9 months ago

- bug fixes

- Checkers
-- extended the source documentation checker to check for raised/documented exceptions and defined/documented signals

- Editor
-- reintroduced the highlighting of current instruction line and the error line using colored background. It is configurable whether to use these backgrounds or the arrows.
-- added capability to perform the various replace methods via keyboard shortcuts

- Plugin Manager
-- added an option to cleanup the plug-ins download area during startup

- Qt Tools
-- added code to auto-discover the presence of the new 'pyqt5-tools' wheel (Windows only) (thanks to Kyle Altendorf for providing this wheel)

- Web Browser (NG)
-- united the stop and reload buttons of the navigation bar
-- added a super menu to modernize the look & feel
-- added Ctrl-Click and middle click actions to the navigation buttons to perform the action in a new tab

Version 17.05 10 months ago

- bug fixes

- Editor
-- changed the indication of the current instruction line and the error line to use a green or red arrow instead of a colored background

- PyQt Tools
-- added a configuration option for the path of the PyQt tools

- Shell
-- added a standalone shell window

- Web Browser (NG)
-- added the last visited time and date to the bookmark properties dialog
-- added a visit count to the history entries (shown in the history dialog)
-- made full screen mode really full screen

- Third Party packages
-- updated Pygments to 2.2.0
-- updated chardet to 3.0.2

Version 17.04.1 11 months ago

This releases fixes a few serious regressions.

Version 17.04 11 months ago

- bug fixes

- General
-- increased minimum required Python versions to prevent usage with very old versions (i.e. eric was never tested with)
min. versions: Python 2 - 2.7.10; Python 3 - 3.4.0

- Checkers
-- added checks for shadowed Python builtins and unneccessary comprehensions and generators to the code style checker
-- added a checker to check for lines of code of too high complexity
-- added capability to place line flags (e.g. __IGNORE...) on the line following the one to be ignored

- Debugger
-- shell autocompleter takes the right global variables into account now
-- move the instruction pointer within the current function (Hotkey: F12)
-- report syntax and indentation errors raised by an application or module in the correct manner
-- avoid crashes on using greenlets

- Mercurial Interface
-- extended the user configuration dialog
-- added support for the 'zstd' compression for bundles (as of 4.1.0)

Version 17.03.1 1 year ago

This release fixes a few bugs discovered after the last release.

Version 17.03 1 year ago

- bug fixes

- Checkers
-- upgraded pycodestyle to version 2.3.1
-- upgraded pyflakes to version 1.5.0

- Debugger
-- prevent stepping into print statements if checkbox for debugging into interpreter libraries is checked
-- catch unhandled exceptions again
-- support for PySide2 added
-- atexit handling works as specified in any condition
-- prevent ordinary breakpoints to steal the focus from an exception

- Mercurial Interface
-- improved the log browser in several ways
-- improved the status dialog

- Project
-- added capability to remember previously used entries in the project debugger properties dialog

- Web Browser (NG)
-- added support for new options provided by Qt 5.8.0
-- added support for spell checking as of Qt 5.8.0

Version 17.02.1 1 year ago

This release fixes a regression detected shortly after the last release and related to using eric with Qt 4.8.

Version 17.02 1 year ago

- bug fixes

- Checkers
-- upgraded pycodestyle to version 2.2.0+

- Debugger
-- changed the variables filter dialog to be more user friendly

- Editor
-- added a bar with formatting options for HTML, Markdown and reStructured Text files
-- added support for the new QScintilla JSON lexer
-- added support for the new QScintilla Markdown lexer

- Email
-- added capability to use the SSL encryption method (next to StartTLS) in the built in Email dialog

- Mercurial Interface
-- added clickable links to the log browser details pane
-- added up and down buttons to move the current entry to the log browser
-- added the capability to configure the length of the log message shown in the message column of the log browser list

- Subversion interface
-- added up and down buttons to move the current entry to the log browser

- Web Browser
-- added functionality to manage the plug-in provided documentation sets

Version 17.01 1 year ago

- bug fixes

- General
-- added capability to save a global session to disk and restore it
-- added capability to save a crash session in order to restore the current state in case of a crash
-- added option to configure the crash session startup behavior and added the '--no-crash' option to suppress looking for a crash session
-- added the '--disable-crash' option to temporarily disable the crash session support through the command line
-- changed some options: --noopen to --no-open, --nosplash to --no-splash

- Debugger
-- added capability to edit the history lists of the start dialogs of the debugger

- Editor
-- added support for project type specific auto-completion and calltips including the respective configuration (Editor->APIs page)

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