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NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped with KDE 3.5.9!

Kommander can use a Qt Designer MainWindow, but it's limited to signals and slots. So you can use a menu, but you can't check it's status or disable it. This plugin uses 27 different functions to make a MainWindow a first class citizen, like other Kommander widgets. You can do almost every possible option with Actions. This also makes it possible to use submenus on the MainWindow, control toolbars and manage the automatic statusbar.

If you are not aware of what Actions are here is the quick explanation. Instead of making a menu item, toolbar button and keyboard accelerator you make an Action, then put it where you want. It is consistent in behavior and gives you central control for disabling or setting visibility.

A gemoetry function and a hasFocus test are also included. Geometry is helpful if you are using createWidget and want to pop up a DatePicker or a TextBrowser in relation to a button.

This is a must have for MainWindow use.
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