Kommander TimeWidget

NOTE: Requires Kommander 1.3 which shipped with KDE 3.5.9!

The Timewidget is a handy widget for of course managing time. It gives you validated 12/24 hour time for database or other use. Set AutoAdvance to true in the editor and enjoy easy keyboard edits. Completely configurable.


9 years ago

version 0.5
* added a clear function to set it to 00:00:00
version 0.4
* Oops! Switching desktops reinitilized the widget in version 0.3. Grrr! I are sum smarter now ;)
version 0.3
* automatically goes to current time on start unless you set a time
* AM/PM now works correctly
* widgetTextChanged signal is now hooked up so you can retrieve text

This version adds the ability to set a property for automatic moving to the next section when the first is complete. There is also the addition of the emberassingly missing ability to set the current time and some limited ability to select what is displayed... an attempt. Don't complain if it doesn't work right unless you have a patch. I know that part is funky. ;)

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