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With this driver you can access the files created by sqlite3 through
the standard Qt sql module. The driver name is QSQLITE3.

Although there are many other solutions to access such DB files, I think
that using this driver has some advantages:

--> You use the standard Qt interface so you can reuse exinting code or
switch to or from other DB types quite easily.

--> Soft transition to Qt 4: Qt 4 supports sqlite3, you can prepare your
application now.

--> The source of this driver is smaller than any other, you can incorporate
it on your application with little overhead and without requiring external

Developer note:

The driver is a merge between the QSQLITE driver in Qt 3 and in Qt 4 beta 1, with
small tweaks, so I think is quite stable and usable.
Please report success or failure, thanks

To compile

cp sqldrivers/libqsqlite3.so $QTDIR/plugins/sqldrivers (probably as root)

use it as any other Qt sql driver.

Have fun, Stefano !!!
Last changelog:

15 years ago

0.2: Added BLOB support
0.1: Initial release


10 years ago

Driver seems to work great, this will save me a lot of code! I was part-way through writing this meself but very glad that someone else did it first and better.

Looks like it's GPL, so I'm gonna go ahead and put it into my svn ( http://code.google.com/p/ksdb ).



15 years ago

Just one problem, one would have to ship this qt-plugin with the application using it and then there's still the question where to install it (and maybe it's already installed).




15 years ago

Yes, you have to ship this driver with your application (until Qt4 is widely spread) and add all necessary checks in your build system to ensure that it is not already present. If I find time I'll add some example of that using autoconf and scons-bksys.


15 years ago

0.2: Added BLOB support
0.1: Initial release

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