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In the following 'album' just means a usual directory.. please don't think of anything special! ;)


This bash script creates a picture album for each of your
kopete's msn contacts in a given directory. It adds
all new pictures of your contacs to their albums
naming them by date and time.

It can NOT asure to record all new pictures, because it
only checks every $SLEEP seconds (see CONFIG section)!


- kopete 0.12.x
- this script has only been tested on a debian system but should work on others too (you may need to set $KOPETE_MSN_PICTURE_DIRECTORY to your needs)


0. Make sure this script is executable by running 'chmod +x' on it if necessary

1. If it doesn't yet exist, create the directory in which you want the picture albums of your msn contacts to be saved in

EXAMPLE: mkdir $HOME/msnPictureAlbums

2. Write the ABSOLUTE path to this directory to the file $HOME/.kopete-msn-album-dir

EXAMPLE: echo $HOME/msnPictureAlbums > $HOME/.kopete-msn-album-dir

3. Run the script (use & if you want it to run in the background) (the script doesn't give any output! [see 5. below])

EXAMPLE: ./kopete-msn-album [&]

4. If you want the script to start automatically when starting your KDE session, place a link or a copy of it in $HOME/.kde/Autostart

5. Read the log file $HOME/.kopete-msn-album.log for errors and informations

6. If you want to change the directory the albums are stored in, you have to kill the script first and repeat the steps above starting from 1. You can also easily move the folder containg the albums this way, already existing folders/images won't be removed!
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