MLRS -- Mac Like Rapid Screenshots

Designed to replicate a mac\'s ability to use command+shift+3 to take a screenshot and put it on the desktop.

You have to set your own hotkey for now

Depends on having SCROT
Will instal SCROT on ubuntu and opensuse. Should also work on Fedora, but has not been tested. Others may work, but SCROT has to be installed manually.

See more of the readme.

For now, licensed under the MPL. Might become GPL in the future.

For now, all problems, bugs, comments or anything else can go on here. I'll eventually set up something better and bug tracking.


7 years ago

See more on the readme. should have fedora support now.


6 years ago

Hey, guys!
I found a program to take screenshots on Mac! It is called Screenshots Remote.

There is also a tutorial about this program on youtube.

What do you think about this program?
It can take screenshots itself or even remotely.
What is your opinion?



6 years ago

This program is not *FOR* macs, but for linux to emulate a feature of mac.

To take a screenshot on the desktop on a mac, COMMAND SHIFT 3.

On linux, install this program set your own hotkey, and use that.



7 years ago

Why doing this? It's way to complicated. A simple one-line bash script will do the trick:

xwd -display :0 -root | xwdtopnm | pnmtopng > $HOME/Desktop/screenshot_`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S`.png

(On most Linux systems all prerequisites are already installed.)



7 years ago

I did it, only because i wanted a package for myself to save the script and make it easy to set up. In time it will do more, like add the screenshot hotkey and maybe other stuff like use imagemagic if thats installed, but it was originally for my own private use and learning bash, i figured i'd release it in the hopes it will help someone else out. I hope its somewhat useful, and the script you provided there is basically, the the other is just an installer to put in a nice place, chmod it, and make sure scrot is installed.



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