KPodder started life as BPConf is a simple KDE configuration frontend for BashPodder by Linc Fessenden ( KPodder has evolved a bit more since then but is basically the same thing with more options and a more flexible script.

Its for collecting podcasts from across the web. Simply select the feeds, where you want them saved, and it will collect the files for you. You can check what casts are available from a feed, and alter what casts are marked as already downloaded.

You can ask it to check on your feeds by simply hitting check Now, or ask the program to set up a cronjob to do that for you on a regular basis. All the feeds can be checked at the same time or individually.


11 years ago

Changed the name, Added sub directory types and individual feed intervals. Changes to script for new features, and also moved script to be in path. Changed around configuration files so they sit in KPodder's kde user direcory rather than the data directory.

11 years ago


I have been waiting for something like this! Thank you very much. I hope you will continue to improve this frontend.

WISH: Integtration with Konqueror and media playback integration.

Kind regards,



11 years ago


Thanks!, The media backend stuff is actually already on its way.

Also it already has a mime type set for it so you can click on a feed ( or if you have a few programs for rss right-click and select KPodder ) And it will open KPodder and fill in the url for you.



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