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This multi-purpose note-taking application can helps you to:

- Easily take all sort of notes
- Collect research results and share them
- Centralize your project data and re-use them
- Quickly organize your toughts in idea boxes
- Keep track of your information in a smart way
- Make intelligent To Do lists
- And a lot more...

This application provides several baskets where to drop every sort of notes: rich text, links, images, sounds, files, colors, application launcher...
Objects can be edited, copied, dragged... So, you can arrange them as you want!
This application can be used to quickly drop web objects (link, text, images...) or notes, as well as to free your clutered desktop (if any).
It is also useful to collect informations for a report. Those data can be shared with co-workers by exporting baskets to HTML.

For a more complete presentations, see:

For a lot more screenshots showing all windows if the application, see:

You can also take part in the BasKet Note Pads Usability Project to help improve this application:

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15 years ago


9 years ago

Here on Opensuse 11.1:

wrong path in /usr/lib/gpgmepp/GpgmeppConfig.cmake in line 3


should be:



9 years ago

Many thanks, your suggestion work! :)



9 years ago

I have been using the git version of basket for some time, ever since I upgraded to KDE4. As of my last refresh, very time I try to insert text into a basket it just vanishes! Bit of a show-stopper. Other objects work OK.

Using Gentoo KDE 4.4.1.



9 years ago

We should do something to get new developers to start making the 2.0 true. This is a *must* application for students. This could even be one of key apps what would push KDE SC to the mainstream in schools!

How can we spread that we need developers to make this happend?
(And yes, this should come to KDE SC first)



9 years ago

I hope you'll get enough developers to continue this project because it's awesome!!

cool stuff! you rock!



9 years ago

I would love to be able to export as .basket and open it on multiple machines from a flash drive. I've been able to do this, but the category tree gets duplicated from the top level.

Awesome app!



9 years ago

I love the way basket is simple and neat.
Anywhere in the roadmap, is there a plan to make basket online. I know there are a lot of online note-pads, however the features, look and feel, syncing information across of basket, if could be made online, would be really great!




9 years ago

Very very good application, have been using for a couple of years.
I really hope it will continue to exist, and updated for KDE4.
Too bad I'm no developer, so I can't really help.



9 years ago

Firstly, wow! This application should be given all the support we can muster! It has a nice and simple approach that, if combined with being able to work on Linux, Mac and Windows and a bit of publicity (eg. everyone who likes Basket spread the news via word of mouth, blogs, etc), would give it a massive edge over its competitors, even paid ones like MS Onenote. Why? Because it's basket like structure is user defined, which is great because it is hard having to try and adapt to a piece of software that uses categories that are of little relevance to the individual user. It is also great that you can attach all sorts of files to things as well.

I was particularly impressed with the Getting Things Done template offered. Firstly - WELL DONE. Might I add that you have hit a real fad? The GTD thing has really taken off. If this can be publicised via blogs, word of mouth, etc Basket will grow in popularity exponentially. Why? Because so many currently available GTD apps are expensive, complicated and cannot really be customized. They often require you to have a piece of software like MS Outlook too.

So as far as developing this app goes, encouraging people to spread the word about this (especially programmers) would always help. Also, collaberating with Mozilla might be a possibility. Apps like the popular Evernote have extensions available for Mozilla's two big programs: Firefox and Thunderbird. So if Basket was able to create some extensions like that (say, a 'send to Basket' button in Firefox) this would give it more exposure. And also, there are a lot of programmers over at Mozilla...

So I don't know if anything I have suggested would be practical, but all the same, this app is great! Keep up the good work. (Any ideas when and if windows users can use Basket?)



9 years ago

It "work" on windows too, but it is not stable at all (even on Linux). Nobody really work at full time on the KDE4 version. If it continue like that I will do it until its ready, but I have 3 other apps to work on before.



10 years ago

Basket is a great application and I'm very happy to hear that there will be a KDE 4 version!



10 years ago

Hi all,
Can anybody tell me why i cant see any Password protection option in my BasKet? I have installed version 1.0.2. Everything works fine. I already have quite a few notes, but no password feature. Is there any way to enable it so it shows in the BasKet menu?



10 years ago

I would like to sync my google notes with basket.
Will that be possible, in a next release?

Thank you




11 years ago


I need a note takin app that is kapable od rendering Latex formulas. Is Basket capable of doing so? since I have to take notes for many mathematical formulas this is very important for me. A prety nice aproatch is done in Tomboy but it can nither export the latex images to html nor print it or something else.



11 years ago

Just a note to say that I love this program.

I switched from Tomboy as I'm a KDE user and Tomboy had a good chuck on GTK and Mono behind it slowing it down.

After a little Googling, I came across Basket and it's even better than I'd hoped! With it being in the fedora repos, simply 'yum install basket' got it here so I'm very impressed.

I know you, as a developer, haven't much time but I really appriciate your efforts.

Thanks very much!



11 years ago

How much data can BasKet hold?
We have many Gigs of data in TreePad and are converting over to Basket.

Is there a way to accomodate hundreds of Gigs of data?



11 years ago

First I want to thank you and say that this is the one of the best app I've found.

I have a problem and I do not know if you can help me. When I import GTD.basket it says that it can not write the icons on my .kde/share/apps/basket/etc folder. Do you know if there is something I can do about this?

I tried to change the permissions on the basket folder, but it didn't work and I must confess I do not have a good knowledge about how linux handles this.
Thank you for your time



4 years ago

The correct answer and one that worked for me ...

In a terminal window enter this code ...

export ICO=~/.kde/share/apps/basket/basket-icons; mkdir $ICO; cd $ICO
for d in xygen-icons n-icons cons icons; do mkdir -p $d/16x16/actions; done

Just copy and paste (keyboard shortcut in linux use in terminal "SHIFT + CTR + v" )
This code creates the proper folder structure for the import to work for this GTD.basket file.

If this doesn't work! The chances are that your Baskets are in a different place to use the icons. Like mine was. My baskets are stored elsewhere. Where is unimportant. To find out where yours are stored ... open Basket Note Pads, goto Basket>Backup and Restore ... Your "Saved to folder" should be highlighted in black bold in the popup window that appears. Just make a note of where that location is because this is where you have to make the folder structure for the import to work. You can make changes to the location of this "Saved to folder" from the two radio buttons below the bolded text if you need to alter the location of your baskets folders. If you don't need to make any changes to the location just close the popup after noting where the location is in bold.

Now go here "~/.kde/share/apps/basket/basket-icons" in whatever file and folder app you use ( I use Nemo with two panes side by side for easy copy and paste operations ) ... and copy the "basket-icons" folder from this location to the "basket-icons" folder in the location noted in "Saved to folder" in Basket Note Pads ( using merge if that option is available in your folder app. You want to "add" these folder structures rather than overwrite what is there in your "saved folder location" for Basket Note Pads. If in doubt (noobs), use a dummy folder first and perform the operation there to make sure the operation merges correctly. When sure you got it right go back and perform the operation for real on the correct folders and locations.)

After successful copy and paste operation of folder structures to proper locations, retry to import in Basket Note Pads of the GTD.basket file. In Basket Note Pads ... go to Basket>Import>Basket Archive. Locate your GTD.basket file from where you saved it and viola! Your GTD.basket should import correctly.

Until I performed these operations successfully, the import would not even work. So manually adding the icons "by hand" were not even an option.

Okay! So now GTD like crazy you procrastinators!



11 years ago

all the errors u have should be about icons ...

simply apply your icons instead the default one ... by hand, after importing the basket



11 years ago

Very useful project that boosts the use of kde in the scientific community. I heard that there are new developers working on it right now!!! Thank you very, very much that you keep this project alive. What would really be cool is seeing this program working well also with bibliographic entries. and make entries generated in bibtex show nicely formatted there. Would be nice to have communication possibility with reference programs a la Kbibtex [url][\url]. Drag and drop or some push command! Keep up this brilliant work and I'm happy to test any version for KDE4. (No coding, sorry :(



11 years ago


is it possible to add the functionality to be able to lock an object in a basket to prevent to move it in another or to change his position in the basket organisation ?

It could be so useful.

Thx and have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)



11 years ago


we are actually eady to manage a big project. We though to use basket to help us but we really need the functionnality to addd pictures in a basket.
How can we do it and please enhance basket as quickly as possible.

Sincerely for this usefull progam.

Have a nice day,

Miguipda ;-)



11 years ago

You already can add pictures to baskets.
Simply drop an image, or use the "Image" item in the "Insert" menu to add a new blank image. You also can use the menu "Insert" -> "From File..." and choose the image to import.
You can't edit it for the moment.

But in the options, you can configure with which application to open images, in the "Applications" setting page. For instance, use "gimp" to open image notes.

Then, select an image and choose "Note" -> "Open" (or simply press F9). The image will be opened in Gimp, and as soon as you save it, it will be reflected in the basket.

I hope that later on, the new developers will implement an image editor.



11 years ago

Great work to all involved :D

The only thing I miss is more advanced bullet point support - such as several layers of bullet points, or having multiple ones per note. Or am I missing something that's already there? O.o




11 years ago

Hi all,

I really need desktop note pad for my work but the sources are giving some problem during the make process. I am running RedHat enterprise edition 3. Can someone please provide the RPM package of basket note pad 1.0.2 for red hat EL 3??

Thanks in advance.


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