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This multi-purpose note-taking application can helps you to:

- Easily take all sort of notes
- Collect research results and share them
- Centralize your project data and re-use them
- Quickly organize your toughts in idea boxes
- Keep track of your information in a smart way
- Make intelligent To Do lists
- And a lot more...

This application provides several baskets where to drop every sort of notes: rich text, links, images, sounds, files, colors, application launcher...
Objects can be edited, copied, dragged... So, you can arrange them as you want!
This application can be used to quickly drop web objects (link, text, images...) or notes, as well as to free your clutered desktop (if any).
It is also useful to collect informations for a report. Those data can be shared with co-workers by exporting baskets to HTML.

For a more complete presentations, see:

For a lot more screenshots showing all windows if the application, see:

You can also take part in the BasKet Note Pads Usability Project to help improve this application:

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15 years ago


13 years ago

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kdirwatch.o(.text+0x73e5): In function `KDirWatchPrivate::checkFAMEvent(FAMEvent*)':
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collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[2]: *** [basket] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/venus/install/basket-0.6.0Alpha1/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/venus/install/basket-0.6.0Alpha1'
make: *** [all] Error 2
I get this error.



13 years ago

Please run the script ./installer INSTEAD of hand-running ./configure;make;make install.

It will detect the problem and bypass it.



13 years ago

I find it very difficult to group and ungroup items in 0.6.0 alpha, specially ungrouping.

Playing around with my items I managed to get a very complex item tree, and now I'm not able to revert it to a flat list of items. The lines that seem to show what will happen after a drag&drop are not very consistent.

Hope to see more from basket soon.



13 years ago

Well, concerning the insertion-line, look at it carefuly: there is a small black point on the middle of the insertion-line.
If you click on the LEFT of that mark, you will INSERT an item at the insertion line.
If you click on the RIGHT of the mark, you will GROUP a new item with the item below or above, depending on where your mouse is, closer to the item on top of the insertion-line or closer to the item on the bottom. You will know to which item the new one will be grouped by seeing what item gets highlighted when your mouse is on the right part of the line.

To ungroup items, you have to drag-and-drop an item at the bottom of the group (or on top): move it off the group...
Same here: you will see the insertion-line that tells you where it will be dropped.

Yes, I agree this is somewhat bad to have to drag items to ungroup them.
But remember this is an alpha-version.
For the moment there is only one way to do that, but it is a transitionnal situation.
There will soon be menu items to group/ungroup: "Item -> Group" and "Item -> Ungroup" (also available when right-clicking items or a group).
As well as other convenient features.

Note: when inserting at the bottom of a column you can only insert, and when adding below/above a free item you can only gorup.
This is why there is no middle-mark in those cases.

Does my explainations helped you?
Do you find BasKet more usable when knowing that?

I realise this can be troubling.
Anyway, it's one of the things that should be tested when doing the next usability study (somewhen after beta 1 or beta 2)...

What I can do is to add tips in the insertion-line tooltip, like:
Insert an item here.
Click on the right of the middle-mark of this line to group an item instead.



13 years ago

I also find grouping and ungrouping difficult to do. Specially when using a free layout. There are times in that I want to move the position of an item in its grout and it gets ungrouped.
I think that's one of the things that needs some work from the usability point of view.



13 years ago

Yes, when there are two items in a group and you switch theire place, the group is ungroupped.

This is a bug, of course, not a usability flaw.
I know it, but it need more work to solve than other bugs because of how BasKet works internaly.

It will of course be solved for the final version. And even for the beta version that will be sent to a usability test at, so results don't get ugglied by poor quality.

You say you also find grouping and ungrouping difficult to do.
Is this entirely due to the "change item place and it's ungroupped" scenario, or have you other issues with it?

Please tell it to me, because it's only like that that the usability will be enhanced.
I personnaly find the behaviour good, but it's because I'm a power user and I know how it works at 100%. As there are more and more people complaining about that, it's not the most optimal behaviour and I should determin why.



13 years ago

After some tries, I've found the way of group things and now I haven't problems, but at the beggining I found it difficult. The first thing I thought was:

- If I move an item to another it will be organized as a child of that item.

But that was not the case if you drag it to the left half of the item container. That's not obvious at first glance and I had to read the last comment on that page to know what was going on.
Also, the ungroupping bug (I didn't know if it was a bug or a feature) was confusing me even more.
Anyway, maybe a menu entry could resolve part of this with actions for grouping and ungrouping.

You use a lot of "special effects" in the new basket, so maybe it could easy to show an item while it's being moved in a group showing the final position of the widget if you release the mouse.
I don't know how to tell it in english as it's not my main language, but look at what Picasa2 (if you have Windows) does when you move photos to see what I'm referring to. I haven't found a Linux application that makes this kind of effect (there must be hundreds of examples in MacOS X).

Another thing that bugs me is when using the free style and I want to move an item to one border, it keeps bouncing back and it's extremely difficult to do.
Anyway, I'm not using the free layout anymore because I find the fixed in columns layout more useful but that's just my liking.



13 years ago

Read the subject. Very good.



13 years ago

Really great and usefull tool! I miss one thing: if I create a text note and it's a large one, it takes a lot space in the window and I need to scroll to see other items; it would be very useful to be able to configure such item to just display a first line of contents and show all text when clicked (maybe display "shade" icon which resembles KDE window manager behavior?). Thanks for great app, I can't wait for 0.6.0 :).



13 years ago

In 0.6.0 Alpha 1, images are already scaled down to not exceed the window width (or the group width, for free-positionned images).
I plan to extend this behaviour to the window height too.

And then, I also want to extend this behaviour to text and rich-text items.
The entire content should be shown when editing (so, when clicking the items!).

I don't know yet how to show that a text has been cutted.
Perhapse a small "..." will be enough.



13 years ago

/usr/lib/qt3//bin/moc ./commoncolorselector.h -o commoncolorselector.moc
if g++ -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I. -I.. -I/usr/lib/qt3/include/ -I/usr/X11R6/include -DQT_THREAD_SUPPORT -D_REENTRANT -Wnon-virtual-dtor -Wno-long-long -Wundef -Wall -W -Wpointer-arith -Wwrite-strings -ansi -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500 -D_BSD_SOURCE -Wcast-align -Wconversion -Wchar-subscripts -O2 -Wformat-security -Wmissing-format-attribute -fno-exceptions -fno-check-new -fno-common -MT commoncolorselector.o -MD -MP -MF ".deps/commoncolorselector.Tpo" \
-c -o commoncolorselector.o `test -f 'commoncolorselector.cpp' || echo './'`commoncolorselector.cpp; \
then mv -f ".deps/commoncolorselector.Tpo" ".deps/commoncolorselector.Po"; \
else rm -f ".deps/commoncolorselector.Tpo"; exit 1; \
commoncolorselector.cpp: In member function `void CommonColorSelector::newColorArray(int, int)':
commoncolorselector.cpp:490: error: array bound forbidden after parenthesized type-id
commoncolorselector.cpp:490: note: try removing the parentheses around the type-id



13 years ago

Please open the file src/commoncolorselector.cpp and modify the line 490 to this one:

m_colorArray = (QColor**) new QColor*[columnCount];

And it will work.



13 years ago

i don't know a lot about dcop and all, but is it possible to create a super karamba applet (for example, a big basket picture) and, when i middle-click on it (or drag something to it), it will paste my buffer into the top of the pile ?

it would be an elegant way for quickly adding stuffs in a basket

if someone can do it... :)



13 years ago

Alternatively, a kicker applet with the same functionality would be much much appreciated :)



13 years ago

Well, I'm planning to add DCOP calls for 0.6.0.

I will take into account those use cases so you are sure that both SuperKaramba and kicker applets will be possible when BasKet will have DCOP calls.

I also tought to a kicker applet where you could add icons of your preferred baskets and be able to act like if they were BasKet system tray icons, but dedicated to a defined basket.

As I already have a lot of things to do for 0.6.0 I will not be able to make the kicker applet.

But why not in the future, or if someone with the willing to do so mail me: I will be happy to help him/her.



13 years ago

This idea may also be of interest :)

I understand you lack the time, If .6 features full DCOP functionality I might just take a shot at it, haven't programmed for KDE much but I'd like to try the Ruby/KDE bindings so it could be a good way to practice :) Any idea on a date of .6-final?



13 years ago

Yes, that idea can be interesting.

But as the re-branding of "BasKet" to "BasKet Note Pads" means, BasKet is to take notes.

This does not exclude the use case of "putting data in a temporar place for fast retrieval later" but it is not the focus of 0.6.0.
The focus of 0.6.0 is making it easier to handle a lot more data, by groupping baskets/items, by loading much faster even with 100 baskets, by searching in every baskets at a time, by helping categorizing data with tags, by adding data quickly (one click and it's added where you clicked), by letting more condensed layouts (columns, free layout)...
It will be the focus of a next version. With the SuperKaramba and Kicker applets :-)

> so it could be a good way to practice :)


> Any idea on a date of .6-final?

I will release Alpha 1 on December, 28th.
Then will come a beta to make old things work again (export to HTML, keyboard navigation...) and a beta 2 to finish the new features (edition of tags, templates)...
So I can't tell you now if it will take long.
I estimate it will take between 2 and 3 months per beta.



13 years ago





13 years ago

/me points head at author and shouts "finish it! i cant wait!"

I hope thats some inspiration ;)



13 years ago

... not much more to say. This is great app as it is, but with all new stuff it will make it even cooler to show off my *nix desktop to windows users.



13 years ago

you're doing a great job... :D



13 years ago

This is an excellent multi-purpose application. It is truly original and truly useful. A very good idea.
Would it be possible to add text to some options. By this I mean it would be good to be able to add an icon and then write some text beside it. I can't see how this is possible now. The meta-data only shows on mouse over. Would be an excellent addition.

Well Done!



13 years ago

No, I'm afraid this will not be possible. I want to keep BasKet simple and every item should contain only one content. An icon and a text are two content type: you should create an image and a text for that.

Please see for what I'm planning for the future of BasKet Note Pads.

* Items could have tags assigned to them. I think it would best fullfill your needs. But to assign an icon to an item, you will need to create a tag with that emblem first. If you intend to assign the same set of icons to your items, that's what you need.

* If you want to assign different icons for every item, then you will be able to group two items: the image and the text (one on top, one on bottom). And with freely positionnable items, you can add some spaces between that groups.

* Another possibility (because I don't know why you are needing that): you can group the text and the icon and then colapse the group: only the first item will still be visible. Other hidden items SHOULD (not coded yet) be shown in the tooltip of that item.
For instance, you group an image and a text below, fold this group: only the image will still be visible and the text will be in the image tooltip.



13 years ago

I just tried basket, I think it's very good idea. But I used two computers and I would like to export some notes from one to the other.
How can I do this?



13 years ago

I'm expecting to offer two ways to do that:

* Using the menus: "Basket -> Export -> Baskets Archive" will create an archive file (like a .zip or a .tar.gz) containing the basket (and possibly sub-baskets). The entry "Basket -> Import -> Baskets Archive" will do the opposite (and also, if you are receiving such archive by email, clicking it will open it directly in BasKet). I think it will be in BasKet Note Pads 0.6.0 Beta 1.

* Integrating WeBasKet with BasKet: you will be able to use BasKet as normally. Every change will be uploaded to a server on internet. A lot of BasKet applications will be able to synchronize data with a same WeBasKet account. And your baskets will also be accessable on the web with WeBasKet. That's for BasKet Note Pads 0.7.0. I already have someone else working on that with me. We're writting down specifications of such system and coding will begin just after.


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